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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

Earlier this year on March 30, 2023 Reese Witherspoon filed for divorce from Jim Toth after almost 12 years of marriage. Interestingly when Moon was in Cancer, Reese's Moon

I do not know much about Jim Toth, but I do enjoy watching Reese Witherspoons' movies. In media, they both appeared to be a great power couple. But what gives? Why the breakup? And why didnt they live happily ever after?

Let's take a look from a Vedic Astrology perspective. There are three things I look for when analyzing the possibility of a break up: Where is Saturn? Where are the Nodes (Rahu & Ketu)? And what Vimshottari cycles are couples running? Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are known for breaking up marriages due to their malefic nature. However, they are also known to bring couples together into marriage, transition marriages into a new direction and strengthen the partnership of marriages. Vimshottari cycles can give me clues as to what cycle couples are running and if there is opportunity for marriage or possibility for breakup. It's always a double edge sword when it comes to transit planets and Vimshottari because things are never black and white. Instead there are shades of gray because we have lessons to be learned and opportunities for growth. Our will power plays a significant part too! Looking into natal charts is fun when estimating possibility for marriage, but can also be worrisome for the client if their partnership will endure a challenging time period due to the transits or Vimshottari cycle. This is where I come into help, provide remedies and even counsel the client or couples through the challenging period. Malefic transits and Vimshottari cycles are not always doom and gloom. In fact they are opportunities to learn more about ourselves and/or others. It all depends on your mindset. Are you someone willing to do the work? We also have to keep in mind that it takes two to tango. If the other party isn’t willing to step up to make the relationship work, then it's doomed to fail. One person cannot carry the weight of the entire relationship.

Jim Toth

July 27, 1970


Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Reese Witherspoon

March 22, 1976


New Orleans, Louisiana

A little about their love language, communication, emotional and sexual compatibility.

Both their Venus and Mercury are conjunct and oppose each others creating a 1/7 relationship. This shows that they have things in common. Also, this is where one would say that opposites attract and can create a powerful mental attraction. This alone makes a couple feel like the other is their better half. They can appreciate how the other expresses their love and affection. With respect to their Mercury placement, this is a wonderful way to learn to communicate differently, see different perspectives, listen to different opinions and become great advisors for one another. However, the set back is that they can find communication difficult if they are not coming from a well focused and positive mindset.

Both their Mars are in a 2/12 relationship. This isn’t the best for sexual chemistry. It's as if its sacrificed in the relationship and this can be due to a number of reasons. The main one being due to lack of time or efforts on their part. It doesn't mean that they do not love one another, but that the sex life can suffer unless they consciously make the efforts to create a time for a great sex life. Although sex isn’t the entire makeup of the relationship, chemistry is important in maintaining a monogamous relationship. In addition to this, Reese's natal Venus is quincunx to Jim's natal Mars. This can make it difficult to find a harmonious way to blend Reese's feminine energy with Jim's masculinity. However, it can create a great sexual and romantic attraction.

Their Moons are in a 6/8 relationship. I think that this is more of a complicated placement and can be challenging in terms of meeting their emotional needs such as feeling safe, secure and happy in the relationship. The 6th and 8th houses in Vedic Astrology are connected to conflict and transformation. Its difficult to fulfill the emotional needs of the other when such a challenging Moon placement occurs. I personally discourage couples from marriage when they have a 6/8 Moon placement simply because there needs to be a positive emotional connection in order to create a healthy partnership or marriage. There can be much suffering and regret when couples have a 6/8 Moon placement. In addition, Jim's natal Moon has a quincunx with Reese's natal Uranus. This can bring upward and downward swings in the relationship. One moment Reese and Jim can experience feelings of warmth and comfort and in the next, they may feel the need to suddenly break away. This could be positive in terms of giving one another the space to work apart and focus on their careers and when its time to return home they can feel like its a great time to reconnect. However, what tricky and challenging is that one or both of them may end up treating the relationship like a working one as opposed to a romantic one. Distance can make the heart grow fonder, but it also creates a scenario of "out of sight, out of mind." Bottom line, people with 6/8 Moon placement need to work very hard on a positive and healthy emotional connection.

Now lets look at their Ascendant.

Jim’s Ascendant is in Capricorn. Meanwhile, Reese’s is in Cancer. This is a 1/7 relationship and is the natural 1st and 7th house relationship when looking at marriage in the natal chart. It also shows that opposites attract and thats not a bad thing. This opens up opportunities for growth and learning in their relationship. This helps to bring about more awareness in the relationship. It does also comes with challenges because their Ascendants are in opposition to one another, but these things can be overcome through creating better relationship dynamics. And in doing so, they can create a deeper relationship. And I believe for the most part, their marriage was based on a deeper connection, but with most relationships and marriages, they are not perfect and require work to make it last.

When observing the transits, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I look for the planets Saturn, Ketu and Rahu as these malefic planets can trigger breakups.

Interestingly, transit Saturn conjuncts Jim’s natal Rahu in the 2nd house. This is a malefic and difficult transit. This would create challenges with respect to his nuclear family, finances and values. It can also put a damper on his finances forcing him to become more conservative with spending and having a cap on his earnings. In Reese’s chart, Saturn transits her natal Venus in the 8th house. Just as an fyi, when Saturn transits the 8th house, it can put a damper on your sex life. Not fun lol. Eighth house is the house of sex, secrets and shared financial resources. Venus alone rules love and money. With Saturns conjunction to her natal Venus, this will make anyone rethink their commitments and relationship to love and money. However, this isn’t enough to break a relationship up, but is enough to make someone deeply concerned worry over one.

Lets look at their Vimshottari cycles:

Vimshottari (Mahadasha) is important in determining what cycle someone is in. This is determined by the natal Moon. When making predictions, Vedic Astrologers will rotate the chart to determine what other possibilities can take place in a persons lifetime.

Jim is in his Saturn cycle and Reese is in her Rahu cycle. Jim’s natal Saturn (debilitated) is in his 4th house in Aries with transit Rahu is in conjunction with his natal Saturn. This is a very malefic conjunction when both natal Saturn and transit Rahu are in the same sign. It creates lots of stress, problems and dilemmas in his 4th house. There can be stress over home, property, land, and a lack of happiness. Reese’s natal Rahu is in her 4th house in Libra and transit Ketu is conjunct her natal Rahu. This indicates she is undergoing her Nodal Reversal. A Nodal Reversal signifies change in direction. Both Jim and Reese's 4th house natal planets are opposite one another and are joined by the nodes (Rahu and Ketu). Generally speaking when Rahu transits the 4th house, there is a sense of anxiety at home due to the many changes taking place such as lifestyle change, selling or a buying a home, determining where to live and how to live. When Ketu transits the 4th house there can be issues related financial matters, career, feeling unsettled, spending time away from home. When we rotate the charts to make Aries Jim’s Ascendant and Libra Reese’s Ascendant based on the Vimshottari planets and cycle we come to find that these signs are in opposition to one another creating that 1/7 relationship. Furthermore Rahu and Ketu are transiting the signs of Aries and Libra creating an extreme polarity between the two signs creating a strain with strong opposition in their relationship.

With all this information in mind, its easy to determine that there is indeed a possibility for a breakup. The big question on everyone’s mind is WHY? Why are they getting divorced? Is it because of infidelity? Is it because of money?

After reviewing their chart, I firmly believe that their marriage was already strained due to Saturn’s transit in Jim’s 1st house and Reese’s 7th house between January 2020 thru January 2023. Saturn will bring up problems in a relationship that need to be fixed in order to continue their commitment of marriage. I imagine that there was a lot of strain there. With Saturn in Jim’s 1st house, I imagine that Jim felt he was making a lot of sacrifices to make this relationship work. Perhaps, even financially. I feel even more validated about this when we use Jim’s natal Saturn in Aries as an Ascendant because transit Saturn is aspecting Aries and Jim is running his Saturn Vimshottari cycle. With his Saturn debilitated, it gives challenges and suffering with respect to himself (1st house) and income, domestic life and values (2nd house).

This isn’t to say that Reese hasn’t experienced difficulties of her own in the relationship. With natal Saturn in Reese’s 1st house, she is always inclined to serve her spouse and others. With Saturn’s transit in the 8th house creating a 6/8 relationship with her natal Saturn, it really forces her to evaluate everything about her marriage and herself which will result in a major transformation, especially psychologically. Do I think that Reese was the one who wanted the divorce, maybe not. Maybe she felt like it was her only choice because the relationship may have completely broken down at that point. I feel that Jim perhaps wanted the divorce more, but didnt want to pull the trigger because of financial reasons, and because he did want to break up his family. Some people in unhappy relationships prefer their partners to pull the trigger on filing for a divorce because it leaves them without the burden of taking that step and one day regretting it. Interestingly, Reese did file for divorce with transit Moon in her Ascendant. According to astrology she was feeling very emotional and sensitive that day about her relationship.

Ultimately, I can see via both Jim’s and Reese’s natal charts that there was genuine love for one another. Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep this relationship going for a lifetime. It appears to me that Jim began to resent Reese and Reese didnt feel appreciated. When couples feel this way, they begin to disconnect emotionally. In Jim and Reese’s case, their emotional compatibility was already challenged. Their sex life was already suffering making it challenging to connect. Could this relationship have lasted, the answer is “yes". But like I said earlier in this analysis…It takes will power and two to tango, to make any relationship work. Wishing them both best of luck as they move forward in their personal journey.

Is Saturn, or Rahu/Ketu transiting your 1/7 houses? Is your marriage being tested right now? Book your consultation to learn more!

* This analysis is based on the Vedic Sidereal astrological system.

Lissabeta Kalag I am a spiritual advisor located in New York, New York. In 2011, I began my professional practice providing spiritual guidance for clients locally, nationally, and internationally. I use different tools: Vedic Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology in union with my natural born abilities and gifts as a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairalient, Clairgustant, Clairaudient and Remote Viewer. Ordained Interfaith Minster as of 2009. With a home office, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, I work with local and international clients from around the world remotely. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website: >Book Your Consultation to get your 2024 personal forecast! >>Subscribe to my emails.

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