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Dramatic Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon 11 degrees in Pisces in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada on September 29, 2023 5:57am EST.

Full Moons bring revelations, epiphanies, realizations, secrets surface and deeper awareness to the unseen develops. Illusions fade away and a vision of our true reality starts to sink in. Pisces, Ruled by Jupiter, is the natural 12th house of the zodiac. This is the house of liberation, ending, loss, suffering, death, confinement, releasing of attachments, and resentments, undoing, the subconscious, dreams, sleep and bed pleasures. Uttara bhadrapada Ruled by Jupiter. Known as the “warrior star.” UttaraBhadrapada means "the latter with the lucky feet.” Jupiter (ruler of Pisces) transits Aries and Saturn (ruler of UttaraBhadrapada Nakshatra) transits in Aquarius. There is a sense of bravery, aggressiveness, defensiveness, and sacrifice with this Full Moon. You may feel compelled to be the hero, yet turn out to be the martyr. Very important things related to the past surface in this Full Moon and as a result you may find yourself compelled to do something about it now. Use this time to honor loved ones from the past. Pay attention to dreams as they may reveal important messages from the Otherside. Know that this is a time for endings and new beginnings. - Full Moon 11 degrees opposite Mars 28 degrees Avoid emotional outbursts driven by unconscious impulses. There is a sudden desire to fight when you don't get what you want. Beware as this behavior may come at a cost which can result is sacrificing something important or sacred to you. Any inner frustrations may surface with others, provoking a significant turning point in the relationship. This is not the time to show off how brave and tough you are. Avoid any competitiveness, or competitive and risky sports. -Full Moon conjunct Neptune 1 degree Increased emotional sensitivity or an overwhelming flood of emotions. Difficulty in gaining clarity. Avoid alcohol, drugs or any other mind-altering substance. Beware of deception. Avoid making any important decisions for the next couple days. Instead, use this time towards creative pursuits and exercise of the imagination. Meditate and manifest which require imagination, thought and feelings in a safe and secure environment. Focus on positive ideas, thoughts and outcomes. - Venus square Uranus Rx 28 degrees Sudden desires regarding love, money, relationship, beauty and pleasure lead to sudden choices and changes. These choices and changes give way and opportunity to breaking some patterns in order to allow for more freedom and independence. However, take caution as important changes do not come without conflict or fulling a few feathers. If you are looking to be innovative or do something revolutionary with respect to art or creative pursuits, now is the time. -Mercury trine Uranus Rx within a 2 degree orb Sudden intuitive and psychic insights. Out of the box thinking and brilliant solutions. Unexpected communications and/or surprising news. Any new connections may be short lived, but serves its purpose. Good time for solving mysteries or digging for evidence. Truth bombs get spilled. This transit demonstrates the saying “The Truth Shall Set You Free.” Great time to schedule a Vedic astrology reading, Tarot reading or Psychic Medium session. -Mars quincunx Uranus Rx within a 1 degree orb There are risks involved when conflicted between your desire to take control and initiative, and the need to fight for your independence or freedom. Reconciling the two may be difficult for you. It can result into a discomforting situation. Avoid approaching anyone or any situation with a rebellious nature. Instead do your best to compromise and find a creative solution that allows you to pursue your goals without the chaos and drama. Use these conflicting energies to help you transform your situation and relationships. Keep your temper at bay. Avoid competitive sports, risky behavior and risky business. *Check out my Full Moon Rituals:

Full Moon through the Houses & for Ascendant/Moon signs: PISCES - First House: The focus is on you. You become mindful of yourself, others, your path and direction in life. You are aware of the results of your actions. It is now easier to take notice of what works for you and what needs to be changed. Use this energy to evaluate how you wish to be seen in this world and visualize it. Discover what steps you can take to achieve this. AQUARIUS - Second House: The focus is on domestic life, values, income and wealth. You can assess your spending and savings. Perhaps make a purchase or pay off a debt. Discover and learn how you can earn a better income via a second job, side hustle, new job or alternative career. Greater awareness about your self-value and relationship with money. Know that money is energy and you are deserving of it. CAPRICORN - Third House: The focus is on siblings, communications, social media, internet, neighbors and learning. You can take another look at your relationship with siblings or neighbors. Discover a new skill set you wish to develop. Learn about a new group or way to connect with like-minded folks. Good time to share or market something valuable via social media. SAGITTARIUS - Fourth House: The focus is on home, family, security, mother, real estate and assets. You can do something to reconnect with mother and/or family. Perhaps you discover ways to feel more secure and comfortable at home via a renovation or by clearing out what’s no longer needed. Pay attention to all your assets (cars, land, boats, etc.) as they may need some t.l.c. This is a good time to create more peace of mind. SCORPIO - Fifth House: The focus is on creativity, children, romance, hobbies, and entertainment. You can discover secrets your children have been keeping from you. Become aware of your true feelings about romantic partners. Avoid one night stands. A time to express your creativity or reap the rewards of a creative project. Have fun, go out on a date or do something entertaining. Listen and follow your intuition. LIBRA - Sixth House: The focus is on health, work, pets, conflicts or debts. New insights about health surface. Great time to break a bad habit. An upset with work, a project, colleague, subordinate, competitor, work environment or pet is revealed. Great time to leave a toxic workspace or apply for a new job. Use this time to update your health routine, find a solution to a problem or make changes at work. VIRGO - Seventh House: The focus is on relationships, marriage, business, business partnerships, courts and/or contracts. Great time to assess your marriage, relationships and business partnerships. Use this time to discover ways to improve these relationships or break way from them. Single people can make a new connection. Plans like signing or amending a contract, moving or a business arrangement takes place. LEO - Eight House: The focus is on secrets, the occult, investigations, psychology, joint resources, sex, insurance, loans, wills, inheritance, taboo, and transformation. You may want to get to the bottom of things and in doing so, you make deep-seated changes within yourself. Perhaps you have expenses as a result of others or experience a loss of income. Evaluate your intimate connections with others. Breakthroughs, therapy sessions, or financial advise make take place. CANCER - Ninth House: The focus is on spirituality, beliefs, gurus, long distance travel, higher learning and politics. Great time to vision your future. Manifest something, shift your perspective or receive deeper insights with all things spiritual, religious or political. Excellent time to get advise from a spiritual advisor, mentor, guru, teacher or someone with wisdom. Go on a long distance trip or write down your dreams and goals. GEMINI - Tenth House: This focus is on career, social position, fame, government, boss, and father. This can be a time of recognition from your boss, father, or the public. The truth about your career and where you stand surfaces. Career opportunities are apparent. Great time to promote yourself, a product, a service or your business. A time to connect with your father, boss or some other authority figure. TAURUS - Eleventh House: The focus is on gains from profession, friends, groups, networks, organizations, humanitarian efforts, hopes and dreams. You may connect or help a friend in need. Truth about where you stand with friends and in your circles surface. Discover ways to improve your social life and/or seek other networks and circles. Opportunities to make your hopes, dreams and goals a reality are presented. Great time to join or plan a social event. ARIES - Twelfth House: The focus is on bed pleasures, subconscious mind, dreams, self realization, expenses, confinement, and the release of all attachments and resentments. You may find yourself reflecting on the success and mistakes of the past. For some this is a great time for therapy and releasing the past, fears, worries and old patterns. This is also an opportunity for down time such as a retreat, relaxing at home, or engaging in spiritual practices. Pay attention to your dreams for deeper insights about the past, present and future. * This analysis is based on the Vedic Sidereal astrological system.

Lissabeta Kalag I am a spiritual advisor located in New York, New York. In 2011, I began my professional practice providing spiritual guidance for clients locally, nationally, and internationally. I use different tools: Vedic Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology in union with my natural born abilities and gifts as a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairalient, Clairgustant, Clairaudient and Remote Viewer. Ordained Interfaith Minster as of 2009. With a home office, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, I work with local and international clients from around the world remotely. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website: >Book Your Consultation to get your 2024 personal forecast! >>Subscribe to my emails.

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