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Kate L. - New Jersey

“My husband passed away and I was completely lost. I did not know how or where to start in order to move on.  I had been attending traditional therapy but it wasn't until after I had a Medium Session with Lissabeta that I decided to give Spiritual Counseling a go.  After one month I left my therapist and never looked back.  With AstroDevi, I felt this sense of relief, like a weight lifted magically off my shoulders.  After the 2nd Session, I began to laugh again.  Im in deep gratitude to Lissabeta. I highly recommend her.  You are in safe and good hands with her. Thank you Lissa for everything."

Spiritual Advisor / Counseling

Spiritual Mentorship, Self-Development, Separation & Divorce, Loss & Grief, Paranormal Matters

Are you tired of getting no where?  Feeling Unloved?  Abandoned?  Confused?  Powerless?  Without Direction?





Use this session to EXPLORE, DEVELOP, TRANSFORM, COPE, CLOSE CHAPTERS, HEAL & MOVE ON.  As a gifted Ordained Interfaith Minister since 2009, with the support of Divine Creator including knowledge and experience as a Psychic Medium, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Chaldean Numerologist, Reiki Healer in Holistic Wellness and the Metaphysical, I offer an alternative approach to Self-Development, creating a Master Mindset, navigating life’s challenges with proven strategies that work!  Healing and Empowerment is my goal to get you charged up about life again.


Experienced in the areas of Major Life Changes, Professional Relationships, Working Relationships, Intrapersonal Relationship, Love, Marriage, Separation, Divorce, Children, Blended Families, Health Recovery, Loss, Grief, Depression, Dependencies, Distress, Hauntings, Manifesting, etc. Together we transform your negative experiences and create life altering positive results one session at a time. Weekly appointments are at your discretion but recommended. For long term changes and transformation clients should schedule at least 2-3 Sessions a month.   All consultations are virtual.  A Zoom link will be emailed to you after consultation is scheduled and paid for.  Email me regarding questions. 

What are you waiting for?  Begin your Transformation Journey Today!


**Each Spiritual Advisory/Counseling session includes an evaluation to assess your needs, Solutions and remedies to address those needs, Tools to work on those needs and Support to help you maintain a commitment to yourself. 

***All Spiritual Advisory/Counseling Sessions are 30mins each and done virtually.  Zoom link be emailed after service is scheduled and purchased.


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