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I pride myself on my extraordinary services and the ability to deliver life changing consultations. Don’t take my word for it, check out what my clients have to say!

Melissa C. - Florida

“I have so far had a Vedic Astrology reading, a medium session and a tarot card reading. Every single one was incredible. She is so down to earth and very truthful. I feel like I received so much guidance and clarity. Honestly I had been considering therapy and Liz helped me so much more than any therapist ever did ( disclaimer I’m not saying if you need therapy don’t get it ). I also feel much more connected to own intuition and instincts. Liz is my new life path guide and I plan on consulting her regularly.”

Rosie B. - Michigan

“I had reading with Lissabeta couple days ago. Such an amazing person. Made me feel like she’s known me forever. Fantastic reading! Was on point bout so many things, and guided me into certain direction for things. Went few minutes overtime and she never rushed to get off with me and just continued talking about whatever she was saying. Thats how you know she really cares and loves her work. I truly recommend her for a reading! Def worth it!”

Juan P. - New Jersey

I had a Vedic Astrology reading today, 6/5/20 and it was everything I hoped to take away from the session. I have had Tarot and Coffee readings in the past but with the Vedic reading; my birthdate including the time and place of birth were used to determine my astrological chart.


I was able to learn more about myself and my relationship with my family. Everything told was spot on and was delivered in a way that promotes healing by relieving the stress that comes with uncertainty. And unless you are living under a rock today, there is tons of confusion to go around. The reassurance alone is well worth taking an hour of your day to have a reading, too!


I am happy to have connected with AstroDevi333 and I am looking forward to chatting more, learning more and living more.

BIG Thank You!

Thalia P. - California

OMG my experience with her was amazing!!!! So spot on with everything!!! Definitely recommend her!

Valbona C. - New York

I've booked numerology readings with her in the past and can say with great confidence that she went above and beyond my expectations.


Her physic abilities and positive outlooks really helped guide me through certain tough times in my life.


I'm also a very big dreamer so I also got a few dream analysis done with her which helped me understand the meanings behind my dreams, and also correlated so much to what was currently going on in my life.


I can also confirm that her predictions are on point! One example of this is that she told me I was going to move in the month of December. When December came around, sure enough a family friend had an unexpected available apartment that worked out perfectly!


Overall she is so easy to talk to and I would definitely recommend!

Drita K. - Florida

“I’m blown away from all the different elements such as the stars and other aspects used for a reading. It’s so on point and explained in detail. Highly recommend her, you won’t be disappointed!”

Kim R. - New Jersey

“Had my first medium reading. She was amazing. I feel completely full with happiness. Thank you so much.”

Patrice N. - District of Columbia

“Lissabeta is my "GO TO" for everything spiritual. She is my psychic, astrologer, and dream interpreter. She is the 'Google Translate" for the language of dreams. Dreams are meant to help us understand where we are on our path; However, they are rarely straight forward and in another language. Lissabeta has demystified dreams with her spot on interpretations. She writes the interpretation as it applies to me, my life, and the circumstances that I am dealing with at the time.  It never ceases to amaze me how enlightening her dream readings are. Lissabeta gets right to the meat and reveals through my dreams where I am physically and spiritually in my life so that I can determine what, if anything, needs to be done.”

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