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Mars Ketu conjunction in Libra

October 3, 2023 Mars enters the sign of Libra and will conjunct Ketu. Mars will also be opposing Jupiter and Uranus. Mars will continue its transit in Libra until November 15, 2023

Mars is blood, war, muscles, weapons (guns, knives, machines, vehicles, etc), real estate, anger, problem solver, military, action-oriented, soldier, men, siblings, sex, physical energy,

Ketu is terrorists, death, violence, other worlds, accidents, spirituality, psychic powers, outcasts, detachments.

Libra is the natural 7th house of the zodiac. This is also a maraka (killer house) Its symbol is the scales. The 7th house rules relationships, marriage, business partnerships, contracts, agreements, open enemies, sexual passions, and divorce.

Mars/Ketu conjunction is a hostile combination between two malefics.

Whatever anger, hostilities, and frustrations you have been holding in will be on the verge of eruption. Conflicts, hostility or warlike situations between people and countries can escalate to unexpected new levels at this time. There is a strong possibility of terrorist attacks domestically or internationally. Some people may also experience psychic attacks, radiation attacks or attacks via harmful frequencies. Possible breakup or disillusion of relationships, marriages, business partnerships or contracts. Possibility of severe earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, and/or other catastrophic scenarios.

According to the USA chart, this indicates the loss of business relationships. Possibility of dangers via travel domestically and internationally here in the USA. Possibility of fires at government buildings, embassies, major banks, major corporations, etc. USA Politicians should be extraordinarily careful as they can endure life threatening situations. Loss economically speaking. I already predicted last year (December 2022) that in 2023 the USA will suffer an economic crisis/crash and that the US dollar will significantly decrease in value. With BRICS (Brazil Russia, India China and South Africa) adding more countries into their membership, the possibility of the USA going into a major depression becomes inevitable as it will be the end to the US dollar’s global domination.

Generally speaking, its best to avoid starting any arguments or fights at this time as it could lead to serious drama, breakups or bloodshed. Instead, its of the upmost important to get any anger issues in check and do your best to keep them at bay. Being in a state of anger can diminish your ability to think cognitively. Some suggestions to release these energies would be to engage in non-contact sports such as swimming, rowing, running, tennis, etc or do exercises such as yoga, tai chi, meditation. Envision a white light of protection around you, your family, home, assets, etc.

Take caution and beware when dealing with conflicts, weapons, machinery, vehicles, and fires to avoid accidents or injuries. Avoid taking risks of all kinds: business, investments, sports, etc. Most people who are angry, are dehydrated. If this is you, be sure to drink at least 10 glasses of water (pH 8.8 or more) daily. Avoid traveling during this period. Stay safe. For more information, schedule your personal Vedic Astrology Consultation at

* This analysis is based on the Vedic Sidereal astrological system.

Lissabeta Kalag I am a spiritual advisor located in New York, New York. In 2011, I began my professional practice providing spiritual guidance for clients locally, nationally, and internationally. I use different tools: Vedic Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology in union with my natural born abilities and gifts as a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairalient, Clairgustant, Clairaudient and Remote Viewer. Ordained Interfaith Minster as of 2009. With a home office, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, I work with local and international clients from around the world remotely. You can read about my practice and contact me through my website: >Book Your Consultation to get your 2024 personal forecast! >>Subscribe to my emails.

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