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Your December 2023 Numerology Forecast

Lets explore the world of numerology for December 2023. Numerology is a method of divination using numbers to symbolize the energetic patterns of our earthly experience. Interpreting these numbers provide personal insights into perspective so we can make better decisions with our lives. December 2023 is a Universal Month number 1. In numerology, the Universal Month number sets the theme for the month, offering insights into what we can expect and how we can use these energies to our benefit.


Universal Month 1 carries a powerful and dynamic energy of new beginnings, initiations, independence, drive, leadership, ambition and revitalization. As we move into this month, the universe is asking us to make a fresh new start, initiate change, get moving, accept new opportunities, kickoff new endeavors, and become the the true leaders of our own lives. Its also very important to follow through with your intuition this month. Pay attention to those gut feelings, signs, symbols and omens.

The number 1 signifies the birth of something new. In December, we must welcome new opportunities knocking at our door. This can result in a brand new perceptive on life, a new project, a career change, setting new goals, or the beginning of a new relationships (personal or professional). These changes will be fast paced and will motivate you. Make choices that empower you to take more leadership of your life.

Because December is the month of creation, be sure to set new goals. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. The world is your oyster. Do something new. There are so many ways you can inspire others. Dive into your natural gifts and talents and express them in creative ways.

Let’s take a look at what this months' energy means for you based on your Personal Month number!


Calculating your Numerology Personal Month number is easy. This number provides specific insights about how the current month's energies will influence your life. Here’s a step-by-step formula:

  1. Write down your birthdate in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY. For example, if your birthday is July 15, 2006, you’d write it as 07/15/2006.

  2. Add the numbers as so: Add together the month, day, and year of your birthdate. Using our example: 07 (July) + 15 (day) + 2006 (year) = 0+7+1+5+2+0+0+6 = 21. This number equals your Life Path or Destiny Number.

  3. Reduce numbers to a single digit: Reduce your Life Path/Destiny Number to a single digit. If the sum is a two-digit number, as in our example (21), you need to further reduce it to a single digit. To do this, add the individual digits of the number together as so: 2+1= 3

  4. Add the Universal Month number: The next and final step is to add the Life Path/Destiny Number with the Universal Month number. Life Path/Destiny Number is the number 3. The Universal Month for December 2023 (1+2+2+0+2+3=10. 1+0=1) is the number 1. Add both the Life Path and Universal Month numbers 3+1 = 4 and we have a specific Personal Month number 4. In this case, the Personal Month number for December 2023 is the number 4.

This calculated Personal Month number offers insights into the energies, opportunities and theme taking place for you during December 2023. This information can help you make informed decisions including giving you the insights needed to plan ahead.



Get ready, set, go! Its time to assert your independence and plan something new. Remember, you are the main character of your story. How do you wish your story to play out? The answers will come intuitively and through unexpected encounters. This month you will be compelled to take action and get moving. However do not rush and make hasty decisions. This month marks new beginnings, planting new seeds, initiating new projects, job/career changes, new relationships (personal or professional), and newfound energy. Establish new goals, take leadership of your life by making important decisions. Work and focus on personal growth. Prioritize your time, energy and responsibilities. Use this month to be selfish and work on things for yourself. If you have wonderful ideas, use this month to develop them and help them flourish. Start a new workout regimen to let out steam, decrease anxiety, increase endorphins, and improve cognition.

AVOID: Procrastination, Spontaneity, Arrogance, Cynical Perspective, Provocation, Frustration, Anxiousness

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Orange, Red, Violet

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosemary


Things slow down this month so you can focus and pay attention to your personal and/or professional relationships. Get ready to dive into your feelings and be gentle when others express their feelings towards you. Use these emotions along with your increased imagination to support your creative projects. Be open to seeking a balance in the form of collaborating, compromising or coming into fair agreements with others. You may feel emotional and/or more sensitive this month. Folks tend to become more empathic as well. I recommend weekly sea salt baths (take one handful of sea salt and 2 handfuls of epsom salt and soak in a very warm tub for 10-15 minutes.) The goal this month is to build harmonious relationships. Avoid sensitive topics and incorporate your diplomatic skills to resolve conflicts. Working with women, especially mothers is very supportive for you.

AVOID: Lying, Manipulation, Laziness, Anger, Disorder

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: White, Light Gray, Silver

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Jasmine, White Sage, Myrrh


This month promotes creativity and self-expression. Use this month to express and showcase your artistic side through art, music, media, communications, writing, drawing, and social activities. Share your ideas and passions with others. Or use this month to dive into new interests, and learn new hobbies. This can also be a wonderful time for learning new skills, getting a certificate or some form of new training. Be more opened to enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. Celebrations and/or gathering filled with joy, laughter and good cheers take place this month. Open up your network by attending important events. This is also a good month for going on interviews, getting a raise, or starting a new position/job. It’s a time to let your personality and skills shine. Spend conservatively.

AVOID: Gossiping, Ego Trips, Spending needlessly

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Yellow, Green, Lavender

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Cinnamon, Jasmine, Sandalwood


It's now time to get organized, establish a strong and proper foundation in your relationships (personal and professional), setup clear goals, and climb the ladder of success. Ambitions grow this month. Have a plan in place so your chances of success are better guaranteed. Issues at home or work can surface now. Work on creating a more comfortable and secure environment at both work and home. Put in the efforts and be diligent in all you do. Pay attention to details. Relationship dynamics change. Work on building solid relationships as others are key to reaching your goals. Possible legal, financial or property related-matters come up. You may discover family secrets or learn something new about ancestors, family tree or heritage. Opportunities begin to pop-up before months end.

AVOID: Neglecting, Lack of Discipline, Miscommunication, Arguments

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Blue, Dark Gray, Black, Brown

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Bergamot, Orange, Coconut


Expect the unexpected. Lots of adventure, change and excitement to develop this month. You will find yourself craving more independence. Therefore if you are in a relationship do something fun and exciting with your partner for a change. If you are single, its a good time to mingle and meet various people. However, its ill-advised to begin a new relationship this month. Avoid one-night stands. Avoid agreeing to major contracts or making new commitments. Instead learn about and entertain the choices available to you. Lots of new opportunities open up including surprises. If you are someone with an addiction or substance abuse problem, beware as this months energies can stir up regrettable decisions. Religious and spiritual work benefits you. Make sure to surround yourself with a positive and safe support group and get help if you are feeling vulnerable. Embrace the shifts and changes with positivity. Lookout for financial opportunities. Be flexible as this month will bring new experiences, travel, and a change of pace that leads to personal growth and development.

AVOID: Fear, Insecurity, Anger, Risk-taking and Extreme behavior

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Turquoise, Green, Light Green, Light Blue

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Juniper, Lavender, Lotus, Patchouli


This month emphasizes your outer-self, relationships, domestic matters and responsibilities. This is a great month to work on your outer appearance by sporting a new hair style, setting a new wardrobe/look or getting cosmetic work done (just be sure that Venus is not retrograde, debilitated or aspected by a malefic planet via Vedic Sidereal Astrology). Pay attention to the people around you as you may find they will be in need of your support, help, advice and love. This can take place within your family, social circles or at work. Someone could be moving into your home such a new baby, a relative coming to stay a while or adopting a new pet. Otherwise, someone can be moving out. Perhaps you have a child going away to college or is getting married. Important life milestones take place this month. A period of good earning potential, but will either have to share it or pay off debts. Some may be purchasing a new home, new vehicle or property. You may find that your responsibilities increase this month either at home or work. You can be making changes at home such as decorating, renovating, or building an addition. Home is where the heart is so work on creating a more harmonious and peaceful environment. Its safe this month to share personal secrets and feelings. Be more compassionate and caring with others.

AVOID: Being controlling with others, Taking extreme measures, Isolation


SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Jasmine, Sandalwood, Saffron, Cardamom, Vanilla


Work on your inner-self and on the development of your spiritual side and belief system. Its a great time for self-reflection and contemplation. You can meet people who have an influence on the important choices you make this month with relation to your personal life or career. Mental stimulation is important this month. You may find yourself playing detective or researching important topics. Discover more about yourself by seeking a Vedic Astrology Session or Spiritual Advisor Session at Old talents or past-life gifts can re-surface. Embrace and use them as they will help you in some way generate money or find personal satisfaction and peace. Work on your self-development by reading self-help books, taking classes or by going on a retreat. Do things you genuinely love such as treating yourself to something special, watching a beloved show or picking up an old hobby. Beware of isolating yourself as it can create a depressive state. Stay in touch with family and friends. Make time to connect with them in person. Practice meditation, pay attention to dreams and trust your intuition. Follow through with the signs, symbols and omens you receive. Prioritize self-love and self-care.

AVOID: Wearing black, dark gray, dark brown, Staying in dark rooms, Watching or listening to anything negative, Aloofness, Isolation.

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Lavender, Violet, Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Cedar, Myrrh, Frankincense, Palo Santo


Will you reap the rewards or suffer the consequences? This month is very karmic. If you are in the wrong admit defeat and save face. If you do good deeds, expect rewards. This month also shines a spotlight on financial and material matters, justice, balance, and fairness. You can either win big or lose big. Either way, you get what you deserve. Therefore, be mindful of your spending and investments. Don't pursue anything risky and seek a professional advice so you can secure your future and make smart financial choices. You’ll be driven to pursue success, material and financial security. If you dreamed about achieving something for a long time but lacked the strength, courage or know-how, the possibilities and resources will open up so you can finally make it happen. However, make sure you establish a solid routine, schedule and commit to self-discipline because you will be working diligently and investing more time. Create clear financial goals and work on strategies to achieve them. Couples and business partnerships will have their relationships tests. Use this time to re-evaluate your relationships. This can be a great period to create new and positive long-term relationship dynamics or it can be an opportunity to part ways peacefully and fairly. Use your personal power to take positive actions and be conscientious about everything you do and say..

AVOID: Acting maliciously, Lying, Greed, Over-spending, Vanity, Selfishness, Anger

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Light grey, Grey-blue, Light Green

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Cinnamon, Clove, Patchouli, Jasmine, Saffron


This month is all about closing chapters, completion and endings. Reflect on your accomplishments and shortcomings so you can prepare for a new cycle and get started on the right foot. This can be a sensitive time for you as you may find yourself letting go of people, places and things. You may part ways in a relationship or someone near and dear may be passing away. The opportunity to relocate or down-size opens up. Career transitions or transformations take place. This can mean finally stepping-up into a new position at work, letting go of an old career and beginning a new one, Or you are hanging up your hat and retiring. FYI: If you are retiring, be sure to pick up a hobby to fill your schedule. You will thank me later. Family reunions are possible. People from the past, old problems or skeletons from the closet resurface so you can finally have closure. Health issues can surface giving you reason to dig into your family history or past medical history. This is a time of forgiveness and letting go what no longer serves you. Old or long-term projects get wrapped up. Go to therapy or visit Lissabeta Kalag at to release any emotional baggage via Spiritual Advisor/Counseling Session or connect with a loved one on the other side during a Psychic Medium Session. Major milestones are reached. Embrace endings, transitions and transformation so you can start new again. Possibility in receiving a significant gift, large sum of money, or an inheritance.

AVOID: Neglect, Ignorance, Anger, Complaining,

SUPPORTIVE COLORS: Gold, Olive Green, Red, Lavender, Deep Blue

SUPPORTIVE INCENSE: Rosemary, Patchouli, Vanilla


This December 2023 ~ Universal Month number 1 provides an abundance of opportunities and some challenges. Understanding your Personal Month Number will help you make better decisions and plan moving forward. Embrace this month and use the energies to your benefit as you begin fresh with perspective and personal growth.


LISSABETA KALAG is an 🌎 INTERNATIONAL Vedic Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach 💫

Her SUPERPOWER ✊️ is Making PREDICTIONS 🌠 Healing RELATIONSHIPS 💖 Transforming PAIN 🔥 Growing Your MINDSET🌳💫

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Typically, most people are unsure of the appropriate course of action because they lack clarity and depth of the situation or lack the awareness of the root cause. The problem may arise due to triggered childhood experiences, your psychological-mental-emotional makeup, external pressure, misinformation, confusion, trauma, karma, spiritual matters, relationship synastry, planetary transits, etc.

With over 14yrs of experience as a Spiritual Mentor, including knowledge and practice of Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Chaldean Numerology, Spiritual Healing, the Metaphysical and her unique Holistic approach to Wellness, she provides the following:

➡️ Mind-Blowing Accurate Predictions

➡️ Advice On How To Unf*k your Mind And Create A Master Mindset

through the analysis of your Astrological Natal Chart

➡️. Personal and Practical Remedies according to your Astrological

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➡️ Personal Empowerment & Transformation

➡️ Mind, Body, Soul Healing

➡️ Restoration of Emotional Wellness through Counseling

➡️ Relationship (Professional, Personal, Intrapersonal) Coaching with


➡️ Career Coaching with Strategies

➡️ Building Your Self-Worth

➡️ Expanding Your Self-Awareness

➡️ Recommendations On How To Set Up A Daily Mindset

➡️ Creating Clear Objectives And A Sweeping Reality Check

➡️ Providing Homework, Tools and Exercises To Help Process Your

Current Situation And Work Towards Achieving Your Desired Goal

➡️ Reconciliation Of The Past, and Preparation For The Future

➡️ Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose

➡️ Clearing Karma

➡️ And So Much More!

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