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George H. - Australia

“Lissabeta's unique approach to analyzing astrological charts coupled with her psychic abilities makers her insights and readings unparalleled to other.  I highly recommend her.  You won't regret a minute with her."

Vedic Astrology

LISSABETA KALAG is a Professional and International Celebrity, Political

and Personal Vedic Sidereal Astrologer who studied under the tutelage of

Joni Patry, who is one of the world’s most recognized teacher and

Vedic Astrologer; and Barry Rosen, who is one of the world’s leading

Vedic Astrologers and teacher with over 30 years of experience and

research into the multidimensional perspectives of Vedic Astrology.



2020 Pandemic, Covid Vaccine, Online Education amongst schools,

Psychological Warfare, Money Laundering in Ukraine,

Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Marriage between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez,

former President Trumps TruthSocial media network to name a few.

Vedic Astrology.



MUNDANE ASTROLOGY is a branch of astrology dealing with world events, politics, the government, and the laws governing a particular nation, state or city.  If you are someone who is concerned about state of the world and our future, you will appreciate posts related to this topic.


PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY is a science that uses the natal chart to predict specific events in life.  It can help you learn about the time, place and nature of events, including the impact of the planets on your life covering all areas of life (career, health, money, marriage, children, family, etc.). This helps you discover things about the past, determine present course of action and how you can prepare for the future.


RELATIONSHIP COMPATIBILITY/SYNASTRY reveals how compatible your personality may be with a partner’s by evaluating the romantic relationship and dynamics between the two parties as depicted by the natal planets, their aspects to one another and the overlays.  This helps couples understand their computability, strengths, and challenges of the relationship.  The goal of synastry is to provide a greater understanding and opportunity to enhance the relationship. 


PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGY provides an overview of who you are, how you operate and why you do what you do.  Through self-knowledge, it helps individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and to accept all sides of their personality, the “good, bad, beautiful and ugly.” This analysis reveals how we can heal past pains and learn to live a more fulfilling life.  Remedies and Spiritual Counseling will be recommended for those seeking transformation and growth.

Astrology Unlocks The Mysteries & Light Within. For Without Astrology, You Will Always Be Kept In The Dark.  - Lissabeta Kalag

VEDIC ASTROLOGY is also known as Hindu astrology aka Jyotish meaning "light/heavenly body"originating in ancient India. Vedic astrology comes from the Vedas which contain the oldest Hindu scriptures dating as far back as 10,000 B.C.  Vedic Astrology calculates a birth chart based on the birthdate, birth-time and birthplace of individual. 

Vedic astrology uses a fixed system called the sidereal zodiac.  A sidereal year is the time Earth takes to orbit around the sun using fixed stars as a reference.  A sidereal year is twenty minutes longer than a tropical year because of the precession of the equinoxes.   Vedic Astrology includes the analysis of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are two nodes of the moon.  Lissabeta also includes the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.   Besides these planets, Vedic astrology also uses lunar constellations known as Nakshatras. There are 12 fixed zodiac signs/houses of 30 degrees each covering the total span of 360 degrees with house calculations based on the exact birth time.  There is a 23-24 degree difference between the Sidereal and Tropical systems.

When making predictions, Vedic Astrology uses the Ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs; Including using the Nakshatras, Dasha System and Divisional Charts.  Many people prefer the sidereal system because it’s more accurate and covers many areas of your life and tends to be more accurate. This makes Vedic astrology more complex, but also more reliable. The sidereal zodiac provides deeper insight.

Vedic Astrology serves as a reminder not to waster our precious time.  It offers insights into life’s purpose, soul journey, karma, family life, love, health and the optimal timing for events to unfold.

Discover Something New And Meaningful About Yourself.


*Vedic Astrology Analysis includes an Astrological evaluation and progressed Vedic Astrology reading focused on your specific issues, questions, and concerns based on your birthdate, birthtime and birthplace.  This is your opportunity to Receive Predictions, Insights and Remedies, Heal Old Wounds, Become Empowered, Move Forward With Clarity and Confidence.

**The Love & Relationship Compatibility and Synastry between Two Natal charts includes an Astrological evaluation which explains the strength, weaknesses, and the following relationship dynamics:  Personalities, Love language, Chemistry and Emotional Connection between the two people. (This consultation does not determine if you and person of interest are soulmates, as there is more than one soulmate for individuals.)

***When ordering a Vedic Astrology Natal Chart Reading be sure to include the birthdate, birth time, and birthplace for each chart.  All Vedic Astrology Sessions are done virtually.  A Zoom link be emailed after service is scheduled and purchased.



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