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2023 Universal Year - Numerology

Going Deep Within


2 ruled by Moon

0 = All or Nothing

3 ruled by Jupiter

7 ruled by Ketu

We have collectively moved from a 6 Universal Year (2022) and preparing for an 8 Universal Year (2024). We must do the necessary work in the 7 Universal Year (2023) and in doing so, we will lay the foundation, structure and confidence to benefit from the 8 Universal Year (2024).

2 = Moon = Earth, Water, Emotions, Mother, Mind, Intelligence, Females, Receiving Energy, Masses, Public, Psychic abilities

0 = All or Nothing energy. Its also the God Number

3 = Jupiter = Children, Wealth, Health, Liver, Growth, Expansion, Children, Travel, Long distances, Wisdom, Teachers, Mentors, Opportunity, Freedom, Spirituality, Politics, Religion

7 = Ketu = Spirituality, Loss, Death, Non-material world, Void, Emptiness, the Past, Intuition

Looking at the world from a wide-view perspective, it’s obvious that much needs to change. This year is a time for connecting with Divine Creator, taking a spiritual approach to life, understanding our relationship with ourselves, healing wounds, positive problem solving and reckoning with our “demons”. Its time to clean up spiritually so you can clean up the physical world around you.

According to Vedic Astrology, Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. Ketu rules the nakshatras: Ashwini (healing, courage), Magha (ancestors, the past) and Mula (truth, wisdom). Ketu a karmic planet, represents the past, past lives, truth, wisdom, detachments, loss, spirituality, psychic abilities, liberation, self-realizations, and enlightenment. Ketu’s goal is to elevate you to your greatest spiritual-self and potential. This doesn’t mean that we don’t earn this year or get to receive physical/material things rewards. It simply suggests that in whatever we do, we must be focused on our spiritual journey and inner development. The material stuff will come as a reward for the investments we make into our self-growth.

At the turn of the New Year 2023, Ketu according to Vedic Sidereal Astrology was located in Libra in the nakshatra of Swati. Libra is the natural 7th house (relationships, marriage and business partner) of the zodiac ruled by Venus (love, money, beauty, art) and Swati’s (blade of grass blowing in the wind) ruling planet is Rahu (new experiences). This signifies (depending on your case) loss of relationships, detachments from relationships and co-dependencies based on love, money and materialism, and letting go of the fears that come with relationships so that you can be educated in learning that you are capable of being a partner (personally or professionally), as an independent party without the stickiness of unhealthy attachments. It’s important to take a spiritual approach to your relationships. Meaning, understand what brought you together, beyond the material and physical plane. Is it karma? Was it because of some insecurity or fear that you attracted your partner? Could you and your partner have some past life issues that need resolving in this lifetime? The answers to these questions come from within. Seek help from Divine Creator or spiritual leaders for more answers and guidance. When you do the work, you will find that your relationships (business and personal) are more flexible and move with ease. Note that globally, we can anticipate similar results between companies, corporations and countries.

This year’s 2023 energy prompts us to go within. This means doing a deep dive into who you are and everything that encompasses the makeup of YOU. What are you doing here? When did you arrive to your current situation? Why are you here? How can you make your experience as YOU in this lifetime better? In doing so, you will be able to pinpoint areas of yourself that need changing. It is a wonderful time for self-development by embracing your spirituality and with the help of Divine Creator, Universe, Guides, Guru’s, etc. A Ketu year is great for letting go and liberating yourself of negative thought/patterns, things or people that chained you down in some way, shape or form in any area of your life. You may find yourself addressing matters from the past, present or both.

Since 2023 also opens up our sixth sense, use your intuition to help guide you, make plans, and use positive solutions/problem solving, but only if you trust yourself. Otherwise, come into contact with people that can provide guidance, help and healing. This year is excellent for taking courses and learning to developing your intuition and spirituality. (* NOTE: On March 1, 2023, I am beginning a several week course on Intuitive Development. Lookout for my email to follow). Look for gurus, mentors or religious leaders you can trust.

The veil does thin a lot during a 7 Universal year. We may witness the forces of good and evil showing itself in obvious and undeniable ways. This does put us in a position to confront or witness something life-changing. Ketu does rule Mula nakshatra and this suggests chaos, upheaval and calamities which reveal truth, enlightenment and hidden information. There will be moments when you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief. One example of this is the earthquakes (7.8 magnitude) in Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023. Over 33,000 people died. My prayers to the souls lost, and family/friends left behind. Its rumored that the U.S. and U.K. collaborated with NATO using HAARP technology. There are videos of lightning strikes in the sky prior to the earthquakes which are not normal, but do take place with HAARP operations. What lead to such course of action? What truth lies underneath the rubble? Prior to this, Turkey threatened to leave NATO. Turkey voted to blocked Finland and Sweden from becoming members of NATO. In addition, the U.S. warned Turkey about the exports of chemicals, microchips and other products to Russia which can be used in Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine. U.S. said it would move to punish Turkish companies or banks contravening sanctions. NATO, US, UK, including other countries are looking to establish its “team of allies” in order to go to war with Russia. We are coming face to face with evil. How many more lives must be sacrificed in large numbers before we fight to restore goodness and compassion in our world? We have already seen so many die because of C0vid and the C0vid shots. Do we need more people sacrificing their lives for the greedy or we finally put our foot down and do what’s right for the love of God. Other examples are: Chemical spill (vinyl chloride) in East Palestine, Ohio; Chemical leak of anhydrous ammonia in Katy, Texas; Tanker truck containing nitric acid leaked from roller over crash near Tuscan, Arizona; and 5 acre fire of plastic plant nursery in Kissimmee, Florida. These events will help us to re-evaluate ourselves and environment. Its important to know that regardless of how these events happened, they are happening because we have to clean up our act. This includes cleaning up the government (mind-control.)

On a personal note back in 2005 (Universal 7 year) my friend suddenly committed suicide, I got pregnant for the first time and had to overcome a complication, my father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and my partner at the time lost his job and our home all in a span of 6 months. I needed to surrender to Divine Creator for healing, guidance and support. In 2014 (Universal 7 year) my life changed dramatically. I was forced to visit my past. I had to learn to put an end to the loss I felt in my heart from losing my father years ago. I realized that I had manifested some problems and situations as a result of that loss. Although, I’m a Psychic Medium and could communicate with my father at any time, being that I’m human, I had trouble coping with the fact that he physically missed some of my important milestones and events in my life. I still felt a void within myself and needed to learn to fill that void in a healthy and positive way. I also need to learn to put an end to my ego and expectations about people and life and in return put my faith in Divine Creator so I can move forward. And forward I moved.

In the event that things should not turn out as planned, DO NOT GET UPSET OR FRUSTRATED. Yes, you are being tested, but by no one else but YOU. This is not a punishment, it’s a sign that you need to further develop your intuition, do more inner work, heal or clean something up. Remember that everything is energy and you will surely be clear about this in 2023. Your thoughts and emotions are extra powerful this year. They will emit faster manifestations. Do your best to be in control by meditating, praying, saying mantras, doing yoga, taking nature walks, etc., so you can maintain the most uplifting energy and vibration. Be committed to doing the work in 2023. It pays off especially for 2024.

We are all connected and one with Divine Creator, the Universe and the world around us. We are walking and talking energetic spiritual beings using our bodies as vehicles to get from point A to point B. Our spirituality and energy attract people, places and things. Be of the highest vibration in 2023 so you can maximize the best results. Focus on your path. You are the main character in your story. Everyone else you come into contact with is there for a reason, and vice versa. Look for the higher meaning. Join groups or make friends with others that support this spiritual journey, inner work and healing

“No Expectations Lead To Happy Surprises”

For Universal 7 year…

Question to ask: What is the meaning of this?

Color to incorporate: Purple, Violet or Indigo

Stone to use or carry: Amethyst, Azurite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli

Incense to burn or Essential oils to diffuse: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Sage, Ginger

Keywords: Spirit, Faith, Trust, Connected, Let-go, Peace

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