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Mercury Retrograde (Rx) - DO's & of the DONT's

MERCURY rules Gemini and Virgo, the natural 3rd and 6th house of the zodiac.

MERCURY is versatile, quick, communicative, statistical, intelligence, diplomatic, receptive, logical, dualistic, changeable, flexible, etc.

MERCURY rules the mind, communication, documents, decision-making ability, learning, media, technology, devices, transactions, business, commerce, trade, shopping, skin, greens foods, news

KEYWORDS FOR RETROGRADE: Most words with a prefix of "RE." Such as Review, Redo, Renew, Re-evaluate, Revise, Revisit, Re-assess, Re-organize, Re-structure, Re-habilitate, Repair


- Resolve old issues

- Renegotiate

- Mediate

- Read, Dance or Write

- Listen to your intuition and instincts

- Plan for changes, delays and rescheduling.

- Be flexible, creative & artistic

- Rediscover old talents

- Re-organize, redo, review, reflect, etc

- Edit or make changes to your current work and/or projects

- Finish up what you started, Work on old work and/or projects

- Look back at matters/problems with a new perspective

- Back up all your technical devices (pics, docs, files, music, etc)

- Make repairs to your devices, vehicles, tires,

- Take your time communicating with others. (Re-read everything before clicking send. Be sure you are sending to the correct POI.)

- Take caution when communicating with others in order to prevent misunderstandings

- Consider all sides of the conversation

- Take your time in reconnecting with others as past issues may re-surface.

- Be sure you are up-to-date with licenses, registrations, insurances, payments, etc.

- Reevaluate your health and physical well-being

- Bargain shop

- Reevaluate your position and value at work or in career

- Re-assess your goals and commitments

- Be patient


- Sign important documents

- Make verbal agreements

- Engaged or married

- Make life altering decisions

- Behave irresponsibly or recklessly

- View things from a logical perspective

- Buy technical devices or significant items

- Launch a new business or hold major events.

- Start a new job, or new project

- Lease or buy a new car, house, land, asset, etc.

- Reach out to an ex. They are your ex for a reason.

- Freak out. Instead, take a moment to better understand your situation.

- Start new diets, exercise regimen, medications.

- Schedule surgeries

- Get tattoo, piercings, or other permanent procedures, etc

*Analysis is according to Vedic Sidereal Astrology

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