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RAHU In Gandanta until 11/28/2023

Welcome to my favorite time of year. Autumn marks a time of transformation and letting go. I can assure you that according to Vedic Astrology, this is the case right now. Rahu and Ketu (North & South Nodes) are 0 degree in Aries and 0 degree Libra with Rahu in gandanta (in Aries) until November 28, 2023. Gandanta takes places when a planet transits the last degree of a water sign and/or first degree of a fire sign (Pisces/Aries, Cancer/Leo, and Scorpio/Sagittarius.) These points are referred to as the karmic knot. It is a period of time where we face our fate. These points indicate major transitions, life changes, or points of spiritual awakening. We are challenged during this period as changes come our way. Like when water changes from a gas to a solid the process is chaotic, but none the less, it serves a purpose. Keep in mind I am using the Vedic Sidereal Astrology system. Its 23-24 degrees behind the Western Tropical system (about one sign difference.)

As a heads up. Check out your Ascendant/Moon Sign Predictions below:

ARIES: You may feel more bolden or emotionally stirred during this time. Keep your cool the best you can. This is not the time to prove anything to anyone. Its about you embracing the changes as your life is headed in a more new and positive direction.

TAURUS: You may feel unstable. Use your mental powers to ground yourself through exercises like meditation, yoga and adequate sleep. Beware of any invasion of privacy.

GEMINI: Friends may be in need of your help. Avoid those with ulterior motives. Contribute what time and energy you have to those that genuinely need it. Don't over extend yourself.

CANCER: Career growth is possible or a major transition in career takes place. However, don't bite more than you can chew. Exercise better time management and keep up with positive affirmations.

LEO: Embrace your spirituality. You are not limited to any religion or political point of view. Know that you are one with Divine Creator. Use this time to connect with Divine Creator.

VIRGO: This is a time of major transformation for you. You may experience something extreme. Whether its emotional, psychological or physical, do your best to follow your intuition and schedule a consultation with Lissabeta Kalag @astrodevi333

LIBRA: Healthy relationship dynamics will be challenging to maintain. Know that you are only responsible for your own thoughts, words and actions. Do your best to steer clear of drama through diplomacy.

SCORPIO: Take extra care of your health. Work environment will take on a new direction. Possible transition at work. Be grateful for the support you have through colleagues.

SAGITTARIUS: Increased popularity in social circles. Remain humble and appreciative. Avoid letting anything get to your head. Beware of random romantic encounters.

CAPRICORN: Life at home is changing due to stressful matters. May be a time to make changes at home or perhaps purchase or sell a home. However, be careful not to over-extend yourself. Your emotional peace and security is your priority.

AQUARIUS: Increased social activities and communications. Change in attitude. Business opportunities arrive through internet, social media, etc. Misunderstandings are possible with siblings, cousins or neighbors.

PISCES: Extreme gains or losses. Possible financial gains, gifts, or inheritance, or losses through marriage or divorce. Avoid spending money on unnecessary items. Beware of excessive addictive behaviors. Possible issues with teeth or eyesight.

For a more accurate predictions, visit ASTRODEVI.COM and book your Vedic Astrology consultation.

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