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Moon in Cancer July 28, 2022

I love New Moons because so many times we feel that life is out of control, but New Moons give us the hope and opportunity to consciously and calculatively plan, and manifest things into our lives that mean something, as opposed to feeling like you are at the mercy of the stars.

AUSPICIOUS NEW MOON 11* in Cancer in Pushya nakshatra (1:54pm EST) with a conjunction with Mercury 24* and a trine to Jupiter (within a 3 degree orb) bestowing its blessings on this New Moon

New Moons represent new beginnings and planting new seeds. This is the time to initiate something new into your life or at least wish for it. Hence, why its a great time for manifesting!

CANCER is the natural 4th house of the zodiac. Its ruled by Moon. This is the house of home, real estate, mother, matters of the heart, emotions, security, state of mind, happiness, etc. PUSHYA (symbol: flower, cow udder) known as the nourishing one, ruled by Saturn. Which demonstrates our responsibility to others, our home, our lives, our personal development, our limitations and expansion of expression The NEW MOON here emphasizes our desires for comforts, security, healing, happiness and brings with it a very uplifting spiritual energy. It means more to us than ever to be in this kind of spiritual space considering the intense energy we are facing with the Mars, Uranus and Rahu conjunction in Aries and Saturn retrograde cycle back in Capricorn. Therefore, set your intentions around home, family, food, and that which nourishes you and gives you security.

With a a conjunction to MERCURY this helps to enhance our sensitivity by increasing our intuition and for some, their psychic abilities. This can promote better understanding between you and others. Conversations with others will have a strong emphasize on feelings. However, keep in mind that Mercury is squared with Mars, Uranus and Rahu and if people don't watch and/or mind what they are saying, things can turn very ugly, very quickly. Arguments can ensue and the opportunity to gain something beneficial from this New Moon can be lost.

A trine to JUPITER supports our intuition and psychic abilities. Jupiter will help you to work through problems and issues you may currently be facing. Jupiter helps us to see the positive side to people, life and situations. Jupiter will also help us to expand on our philosophical, spiritual and political views. Depending on which houses the Moon and Jupiter are transiting in your chart, this can be an opportunity for material abundance and success. Its very important to follow your intuition at this time and take some time to meditate and set new intentions.

With SATURN, the ruler of Pushya nakshatra in Capricorn, seven houses away from the New Moon, we get a clear and more realistic picture and perspective about how we can overcome our challenges and achieve our goals.

-This analysis is based on Vedic Sidereal Astrology system.

*Follow my New Moon Rituals!

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