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MERCURY RETROGRADE 14 degrees in Virgo September 10, 2022

MERCURY RETROGRADES on September 10, 2022 at 14 degrees in Virgo in Hasta nakshatra and will station direct on October 2, 2022 at 0 degree in Virgo in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra.

RETROGRADE PERIOD is a time to revisit the past. When a planet is retrograde, it is said that the planet is closest to the Earth and creates an intense planetary transit. Expect to put more effort, work and time during retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde between 3-4 times a year. This year (2022) its been retrograde in Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo). Next year in 2023 it will retrograde in Fire signs (Sagittarius, Aries and Leo.) Mercury is a quick moving planet and is retrograde for 3 weeks. Each retrograde period triggers a time of reflection. Any word with the prefix “re” applies to retrograde period.

MERCURY rules the mind, communication, decision-making ability, learning, media, technology, devices, documents, skills, etc.

VIRGO is the natural 6th house of the zodiac and this rules our health, habits, pets, routines, fitness, service, employees, co-workers, debt and conflicts.

MERCURY is exalted in Virgo, its most powerful position. Mercury has full strength here. Its intense, detailed-oriented, analytical, systematic, critical, perfectionist, strategist, practical, responsible, direct, controlling, weighs risks, trustworthy, empathic, logical, obsessive, hypochondriac, sincere and seeks stability and security with routine and habits to keep life moving on in a structural and organized way. Mercury in Virgo blesses us with the ability to communicate strongly, have our act together and improve our skills.

HASTA nakshatra symbol is the hand or palm. Mercury here gives us the ability to be clairvoyant, crafty and creative with hands, heal with hands, do service with hands and manifest. Mercury retrograde encourages us to be careful with how we use our mind and imagination to manifest and serve others. Where your thoughts go, your energy flows. To get what you really want in life, you need to have a clear goal with purpose and meaning behind it. Use this time to re-assess what these are for you.


Mercury retrograde in Virgo its a time to look within and follow our instincts. Read, research and dig in deeper to uncover knowledge. Take your health into account. How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any health issues? Do you have aches and pains? Are you overweight? Do you have skin issues? You may need to get a second opinion. Look into the cause of your health problems. Start looking deeper into your diet and research what foods, vitamins and supplements could help improve your health and well-being. Research what exercises or healing modalities can improve your physical well-being too. Do not start a new diet, new medication or new exercise regimen during retrograde period. Avoid purchasing exercise equipment.

This time can be used to re-organize your office, desk, and workspace. Re-structure your schedule and routines. Be more flexible. Reconnect with co-workers, colleagues and employees.

If you have pets, you may have to visit the veterinarian to make sure they are doing well, re-assess their health and habits, or get a second opinion. Avoid adopting or purchasing new pets during this period.

Take caution when communicating with others in order to avoid misunderstandings. Use this time to research how to reconcile any outstanding debts and problems. You can research various loans. Avoid accumulating unnecessary new debts, getting a new loan or new credit card.


Include greens into your diet.

Donate green clothing on Wednesdays.

Burn sandalwood incense.

Do more reading and writing.

Chant, listen or meditate to Vishnu mantra.

*Analysis is according to Vedic Sidereal Astrology

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