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Mars Uranus Rahu - Doorway to where? July 31-August 1, 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

On July 31, 2022 Uranus and Rahu will exactly conjunct at 24 degrees and then on August 1, 2022 Mars will exactly conjunct Rahu and Uranus at 24 degrees. Both happening in Bharani nakshatra.

If you have any planets in Aries and Libra or any planets within 22 - 26 degrees in your natal chart according to Sidereal Vedic Astrology, you will experience results from this conjunction.

As soon as Mars entered Aries, there was a surge of energy and restlessness in the air. For many this felt hostile and it began to express through fighting, arguing, defending, etc. For others, they began to feel more action oriented and were ready to tackle problems and face tough situations. Its also been encouraging people to take risks and do something very different in various areas of life, but especially with respect to relationship dynamics.

ARIES: Natural 1st house of the zodiac, rules the head, body, ego, personality, entrance into the world and birth. MARS: rules the 1st and 8th house (Aries and Scorpio),siblings, courage, physical energy, action oriented, problem solver, a doer, energy, rules blood and sex, conflict, anger, war, weapons (guns, knives, etc) real estate and sports. URANUS: known as the “Great Awakener” rules fated events, can be a "Hail Mary” pass, can bring blessings in disguise, rules earthquakes, electricity, lightening, machinery, inventions, innovations, computers, astrology, aircrafts, science, brings sudden/unexpected changes, revolutions, rebellions, uprisings, breaks away or breaks up from tradition, people, society, beliefs, etc. Its energy is radical and extreme. RAHU: desires, anything foreign, puts any planet on steroids, obsessions, extremes, accidents, attachments, addictions, drugs, poisons, illusions, disease, epidemic, pandemic, power and materialistic pursuits or gains. BHARANI: Means “bearing” or “she who bears” suggesting hard work and discipline but can also suggest struggle and suffering "known as the “star of restraint.” Its symbol is the vagina. The vagina is the “doorway” from womb to the physical world. Its part of the process of birth. Women go through labor pains (earthquakes, shakeups, distress) and then a beautiful baby is born. Therefore nothing good and amazing will came without some struggle and pain. Bharani is ruled by Venus. Venus is 3 houses away in Gemini with sextile to Mars, Uranus, Venus within a 1 degree orb. (3/11 relationship).

What does this all mean and What can we expect? When Rahu and Mars get together, I call this the “Kill or Be Killed” conjunction. This can be taken literally or can suggest every man/woman lookout for themselves and their own interests because something about to happen. Its important to keep your head up and stay alert. When Mars and Uranus get together, it suggests a strong urge for change, can create major upsets or situations that are out of your control. Many times it can result in breakups or breaking away. Most importantly this can be very dangerous if you choose to do anything risky. When Rahu and Uranus get together, its wakes and shakes you up in order for you the see people and the world around you in a different light giving you opportunity to change the dynamics in how you relate and deal with them….Hence the phrase “You are either with me or against me.” Results of Mars, Rahu and Uranus conjunct: -Sudden entrance into a new and unknown doorway in life. This is about a shift in consciousness and subconsciousness. It will be elevating and advancing the human race. -Expect a download and burst of creativity energy in the mind. -Shocking events or secrets will surface. -You may unexpected meet new people that will be part of your tribe that I spoke about back in June on Instagram @AstroDevi333 -Children being given microchip implants after birth. I know no one is talking about this actually happening, but it will happen for a period of time. -Experimentations with creating a new human race. -Market crash -Some countries will financially crash, while other countries are financially going to move into an independent state. -Currencies moving into metals and minerals. (Buy some) -Unexpected changes in direction and/or shifts in any area of your life, especially in relationships. Remember you are leaving something behind and moving forward -You may find yourself taking more charge of some area of your life -Breakup or Breakthrough -Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Extreme Weather conditions, Fire -Technological Attack -Advancements in technological weapons. (This includes CERN) -Advancements in technology with respect to communications, media, learning, skills, etc, -Expect violence and unrest. -Loss of Life (murder, accidents, diseases, bad medicine/treatments/vaccines) -Loss of head of state or military leader. -Assassinations and attempted Assassinations. -More significant world leaders stepping down -Another new war -There will be communications with foreigners. This can mean outside of your country or with ETs, Aliens, Spiritual Beings, etc -Improvements in world affairs but not without going through loss and devastations. -Lets keep in mind that following this conjunct, Saturn is going to square Mars at 28 degrees on August 7, 2022 and this conjunction on October 11,12, 13th 2022 and Saturn will go direct on October 23, 2022! There will definitely be a significant breakdown in governments and with government leaders and in military. Why should we take extreme caution with this conjunction? The Answer is: There is no benefit aspect to Mars, Uranus and Rahu. Jupiter is retrograde at 14 degrees and is tucked away in the 12th house in Pisces. Watch your words. Stop complaining or attacking others. Otherwise those people may get triggered, and you might find yourself dealing with regret. Confrontations and arguing with others can quickly escalate and turn ugly. Avoid risky sports and taking risks period. Many people will lose their life during this conjunction especially now that both Neptune and Jupiter are retrograde in Pisces. Health Problems to avoid are injuries to the head, problems with the face and/or eyesight, venereal diseases or issues with reproductive organs. Avoid one night stands, extramarital affairs or sexual relations with inconspicuous people. Take extra care of your physical body. Take caution until mid August 2022 rolls around. *In order to see how this evolves in your life personally. Look to see what house this conjunction is sitting in your Natal Chart by checking out which house Aries sits in your natal chart.

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