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August 2022 Numerology Forecast

August 2022 Numerology Forecast

August is a 8 (Saturn) month in a 2022/6 (Venus) year.

Its about "Tough Love.” Saturns desire is to help us get our sh*t straight. We need to step up our game and behave more responsibly instead of allowing others to take the lead or clean up our mess. Establishing healthy boundaries in our relationship with others be it family, friends, coworkers, boss, and/or the government. This can be challenging, but according to Saturn..”We can do it!

Saturn is a very disciplinary planet and its energy expects us to work hard and persevere through the challenges. Saturn helps us to bring all back into balance according to our past deeds. Its a very karmic planet is neither good or bad. Its more about creating a fairer playing field or relationship. Many can expect to reap what they have sewn during this month. Expect to deal with subjects related to power, material gain, money, your resources, career, success, legal matters, love, relationships, important decisions and significant changes.

Whatever you do this month, be sure to be patient, put in your efforts and make conscious decisions in order to achieve success. For those of you who follow through, you will reap the rewards or get whats deserved. Keep in mind that things may happen in extremes; such as big wins or big losses. Its important to take into account your finances and financial stability. For some this could mean its time to be more conservative and for others, there will be opportunity for financial growth because you’ve worked so hard. Either way, its a good idea to keep money in a savings account just in case you will really need it.

Be alert as so much will take place politically around the world and will change by months end. The energy this month will be more of a serious nature. For some this may feel depressing. If so, be sure you are incorporating B12 in your diet to help balance this energy.

Regarding relationships (business and personal), this months' energy will lend to a “make it or break it” theme. Many will be addressing relationship or partnership problems. If your relationship (personal or business) has been rocky, this month may result in the end of that relationship. For others, circumstances may change with Saturn providing a blessing for the hardships and great efforts both couples and partners in marriage and business have exhibited. This will help the relationship to become more fortified moving forward.

For those of you contemplating making tough decisions, you will receive validations needed in order to make those decisions. Keep your eyes and ears open. Many will find themselves entering into new long term commitments. This could be in the area of career, relationships, projects, buying a home, etc. This month will provide important insights and real solutions to ongoing problems. Be sure to explore them and put them to use.

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