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Venus in Cancer NAKSHATRA's

Venus in Cancer transit through the nakshatras.

Here's what to look forward to...

VENUS IN PUNAVARSU nakshatra (Aug 7-9, 2022) Head the advice being given to you in regards to love, relationships, money, finances and partnerships. You may have a 2nd chance or the opportunity to recover from a situation related to all things Venus. Be wise and nurturing when dealing with desires.

VENUS IN PUSHYA nakshatra (Aug 9-20, 2022) There may be feelings of frustration with all the responsibilities of all things Venus (love, relationships, money, finances, partnerships). Rather than fight these energies, learn to be more generous and considerate. Some may have to may some sacrifices. In doing so, you overcome the challenges, become graceful and more adorned. -VENUS IN

ASHLESHA nakshatra (Aug 20-31, 2022) A point of spiritual development for Venus and dealing with past life karma. You may be dealing with the toxic side of love, relationships, money, finances and partnerships. Here we need to focus on clearing out the negativity attached to these areas of your life. This requires you to set your desires aside. Instead, the more selfless you are, the more you can heal these areas of your life. Turning towards spirituality can improve the quality of Venus and this transit.

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