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Venus in Cancer


VENUS rules affection, women, beauty, art, design, fashion, money, relationships, clothings, film, vehicles, and luxuries

CANCER rules mother, home, emotions, security, real estate, vehicles, and fixed assets and is a cardinal water sign.

VENUS IN CANCER (August 7 - August 31, 2022) We focus on our emotional needs or the need for a better sense of security with respect to money, love, beauty, women, relationships and partnerships (personal or business). As Venus rules women, you can see the cycle women go through as Venus transits the signs and is aspected by other planets. This will give us the general theme that women will be experiencing and going through as it goes from sign to sign or house to house. This month may be difficult for women in general due to malefics aspecting Venus via opposition (Saturn, Pluto) and square (Mars, Rahu/Ketu). However, with a trine from Jupiter, Jupiter will behave as a saving grace for Venus. With that said, we tend to be more empathic, sensitive and/or nurturing during this transit.

Use this time to spend with loved ones or to care and nurture yourself (pampering.) Discovering or deepening your creativity, gifts and talents related to art, music, etc. Aug 07, 2022 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE: Any social events and engagements go well. Use this time to bond more deeply and spiritually with your loved ones. Opportune time for experiencing love, romance, compassion, giving and receiving in relationships. Possibility for making or developing a love or soulmate connection. Great time for increased creativity. Those of you in the the beauty, music, acting, modeling, film, entertainment, jewelry, advertising, design, luxury, or art industries expect to do well. There can be an increase in income, money and/or possessions. For some this may be a time of good fortune. Secrets related to women, relationships, money, possessions, or valuables may be revealed. Aug 09, 2022 VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO You will awaken and become more aware of the power dynamics within your relationships (personal and business.) The most positive way to handle this is to purge the old patterns and destructive behaviors and create new and healthier ones. All things love, relationships, money, business, beauty, art, and creativity goe through a transformation process. Let go of any fears you have in relation to all things ruled by Venus. Beware of intense emotions dominating your relationships via manipulation, obsession, power struggle, control, jealousy, extortion, possessiveness or disrespect for personal boundaries. Steer away from dark people or circumstances to avoid drama or violence. Avoid one-night stands and cheating.

Aug 18, 2022 VENUS TRINE JUPITER One of the most positive and auspicious transits. Life and all you do will feel easier and more pleasant. Great time for opportunities related to love, relationships, money, business, creative endeavors, etc. New relationships can initiate (personal or business). Financial growth can take place. If you are going through a difficult time, this will provide you love and support from others. Use this day to do something special such as going on date, making a good impression, hold a social event, use as a release date, give or make a proposal, have an engagement party, set up an important meeting, etc. Avoid over indulgences as it can distract you from valuable opportunities. Aug 25, 2022 VENUS SQUARE THE NODES (RAHU/KETU) Finishing up something old and beginning something new is the challenge here. May be hard to focus as you are being pulled into two entirely opposite directions. We may have to let something go and head into a new direction with respect to all things love, relationships, money and business. This can feel frustrating. Strong desire to change your appearance (hair, clothing style, etc) due to feeling unsatisfied with yourself. Beware of spending too much money on something and needing it for something else. Can lack harmony, balance, diplomacy. May feel challenged when dealing with women. Focusing on new relationships and neglecting existing ones. Having to choose between people. In general you may find difficulty in making choices and completing plans. Aug 27, 2022 VENUS SQUARE URANUS Unexpected changes with respect to love, money, relationships, business. Surprising love affairs or falling in love with someone who is eccentric, inventive or different from the usual type you’re attracted to. A change of heart in relationships. For some this can result in a breakup or divorce. If you in a confining relationship, now would be your opportunity to leave and become independent of that relationship. Sudden new business, creative work ideas, or innovative ideas opportunities. Beware of making irrational decisions regarding money and relationships. Aug 28, 2022 VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN Serious contemplation over responsibilities with respect to love life, relationships, finances, business and career. You may feel a lack of support, intimacy and love from others. Avoid giving into peer pressure from others in order to fit in. Be practical in order to circumvent personal and professional conflicts with others. Otherwise, you may risk heartache or a breakup. Use this period for some “Me Time” and tend to yourself physically and emotionally. Be conservative with spending. Delays with finances or in your love life. Its a good time to re-evaluate whats important. In doing so you can change and transform your current relationship. If you are single, you can open doors for new long term relationships. Aug 30-31, 2022 VENUS IN GANDANTA 29* Gandanta is the karmic knot. It is a time for transformation. The last degree of gandanta in water signs are the most intense points. Evaluate your relationships (with friend, family, lover, spouse, business partner, etc). Are you entangled in an unwanted relationship or situation? Are any of your relationships controlling, cruel or malicious? If they are toxic, and there is no room for healing and growth, now is the time to find a way to let go.

*Take caution

*Schedule important meetings, events, appointments, etc.

*According to Vedic Sidereal Astrology.

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