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New Moon 7* Capricorn in Uttara Ashadha

I love New Moons because so many times we feel that life is out of control, but New Moons give us the hope and opportunity to consciously and calculatively plan and manifest things into our lives and that mean something, as opposed to feeling like you are at the mercy of the stars.

A powerful New Moon 7* in Capricorn in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra (3:53pm EST) with a conjunction to Pluto 4*, conjunction to Venus 29* and a sextile with Jupiter 10* (within a 3 degree orb) bestowing this New Moon with the powerful ability to bring about great transformation into whatever house Capricorn sits in your natal chart, but also on a worldly level in terms of career, status and within governments.

New Moons represent new beginnings and planting new seeds. This is the time to initiate something new into your life or at least wish for it. Therefore, its also a great time for manifesting!

Capricorn is the natural 10th house of the zodiac. Its ruled by Saturn. This is the house of career, status, father, authority and government. Uttara Ashadha (symbol: elephant’s tusks and planks of a bed) known as “Universal Star", ruled by Sun. This nakshatra demonstrates Lord Ganesh’s blessings so long as our cause is righteous and morally inclined. This particular New Moon in Capricorn emphasizes and gives birth to our desires to transform our governments, careers, social status, and relationships with father/authority for the better.

With a conjunction to Pluto and Venus including sextile to Jupiter, this creates an intense urge to experience a deep feeling of death and rebirth. Pluto creates sudden, dramatic and cinematic changes that feel destructive, but these are challenges that we work through. Its not bad, it appears that way because perhaps we are stunned and shocked, but when you take a step back to analyze the situation from a broader perspective, knowing what to do and how to tackle or address the situation becomes more clear and positive. This is good and for what you are trying to achieve. On a personal level, this can create closer relationship with others, more involvement in a project, an opportunity to invent yourself, a business or product. On a global level, we may see many governments collapse making way for the birth of a new system. There will be challenges with fathers and/or authority figures. Many major corporations, companies and/or businesses close down or experience major lay off’s but this will only give birth to new corporations, companies, and businesses. Many notable leaders in governments and/or in major organizations will fall from position. We will see women rising from the shadows into the spotlight. We will see everyday people step into positions of authority and power. People with low to medium income suddenly have rise in financial status. People suddenly making land purchases in rural areas. We will see the collapse of major sex trafficking organizations, black markets, end of our current societal systems/structures, death or fall of an old world style leaders and governments, death of monetary systems, the end of a monarchy or dynasty. A sextile to Jupiter supports our emotional wellbeing and intuition (follow through). Our philosophical and political perspectives expand. Through any ending, destruction and chaos we will find opportunities for material abundance and success. Jupiter helps us to see the upside in all situations. We share our feelings and thoughts more honestly with others. We are less afraid to proceed and move forward.

According to the USA Chart, this New Moon conjunct Natal Pluto 6*, Ketu 15* in the 2nd house and semi-sextile the Natal Ascendant (1st house). We may see the transformation of our resources, money, material possessions, power, energy, personal values and domestic life. This means abandoning an old form of the previously mentioned and creating a new one. In the long run, this is very positive, but expect a lot of drama, destruction, and chaos in Congress and the White House. This can also indicate a loss for the USA.

According to current US President Joe Biden natal chart, this New Moon takes place in his 3rd house from Ascendant and 10th house from Moon. New Moon squares his natal Moon, quincunx natal Rahu, trines natal Neptune and semisextiles Ascendant, natal Sun, natal Venus. This indicates troubles and scandals related to and with authority, government, reputation, documents, others, Congress. This isn’t looking so good for Biden. What does this mean for Kamala Harris? According to US VP Kamala Harris natal chart, this squares her natal Moon, semi-sextile natal Saturn, squares natal Sun and Mercury and she has her natal Saturn return. This indicates a more positive change and shift for her in terms of status and finances and transformation of political status. I feel this is the year Biden's presidential term ends and US Vice President Kamala Harris steps up into new position of President of the USA.

If you havent already, Follow my New Moon Rituals!

*This analysis is based on Vedic Sidereal Astrology system. ~Book Your Personal Vedic Astrology Consultation~ ~Sign Up To My Emails~ ~Share With Friends/Family~

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Michele Juliano
Michele Juliano
Jan 21, 2023

I am a Capricorn Rising and it is in my 12th House. No wonder I am starting over!! I do love this because now I know what career I want going forward!!!

Jan 21, 2023
Replying to

According to Western Astrology you are Capricorn rising, but in Vedic Sidereal Astrology, you are a Sagittarius Ascendent and the New Moon is in your second house of income. Perhaps new form of income is coming your way!

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