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Jan 6 2023 Full Moon in Gemini in Punavarsu

Full Moon in 22 degrees in Gemini in the nakshatra of Punavarsu on January 6th 6:07 pm EST.

Full Moons bring revelations, epiphanies, realizations, secrets surface and deeper awareness to the unseen develops. Illusions fade away and a vision of our true reality starts to sink in. Gemini, Ruled by Mercury, is the natural 3rd house of the zodiac and rules siblings, all forms of communication, transactions, social media, technological devices, etc Punavarsu (symbol: The bow and quiver of arrows), Ruled by Jupiter. Punarvarsu means "the return of the light.” This can be a time to renew something in your life such as a project, hobby, blog, relationship, job, career, etc. On the other hand, if you previously missed an opportunity, this can be a time for second chances. Keep a look out. This is also a good time for purification. You become aware of yourself and surroundings and become inclined to remove any toxic energies, situations, or people. Take note that we have both Mercury and Mars in retrograde transit. Therefore, the Universe requires us to put it more effort, planning, time and work into all that we do. The results of what we put in should be favorable; however, they may be delayed due to retrograde Mercury. - Full Moon 22* opposite Mercury Rx 23* Expect to experience being overly-emotional vs. overly-analytical. You may feel triggered, feel confused, or pressured in some way and this can stir up some anxiety and frustrations. Use this energy to express and release your inner most thoughts and feelings about people, places and things. However, do it in an environment where you feel safe. Avoid making any serious or important decisions because you need to process whats happening first, and then plan ahead. -Full Moon 22* sextile Uranus Rx 21*) Your emotions are charged and you’re ready to jump out of your seat. Do your best to remain calm and collective. When doing so you can use this energy to receive intuition and insights into your current situation which will be very helpful to you. You may even get some innovative ideas. This also brings about unexpected surprises, people and events that help you shape a better future experience related to your sense of home, family, happiness and security. -Sun conjunct Mercury (w/in 1* orb) The mind is illuminated and stimulated. Strong focus and mental capacity in order to get so much accomplished. Great day to write, talk, debate, and express yourself in various ways. Increased clarity makes decisions about the future easier. Good time for creative endeavors, studies and gaining knowledge. Make sure you set a schedule for yourself in order to avoid any disappointments or missed opportunities. -Sun trine Uranus (w/in 2* orb) Expect exiting and positive events; changes and revelations! Pay attention to rapid insights, and intuition. Original ideas come to mind inspiring new trends, creativity or routines. Increased enthusiasm and stimulation. Improvements in relationships, luck, money and breakthroughs. Make the most of this time. -Saturn 28* semisextile Neptune 28* This energy is more grounding. We are going to see past the illusions and self-imposed bullshyt in order to face the truth regarding some matter. As a result, there will be either an ending and/or closing of some chapter in your life. At the same time we are receiving visions about our future which will prompt us to take some necessary actions so we can move forward. *Check out my Full Moon Rituals

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