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Full Moon 25° in Capricorn in Dhanishta August 11, 2022

Challenging Full Moon 25 degrees in Capricorn in Dhanishta August 11, 2022 9:35pm EST

This Challenging Full Moon 25 degrees in Capricorn in Dhanishta August 11, 2022 9:35pm EST according to Vedic Sidereal Astrology.

FULL MOONS bring revelations, epiphanies, realizations, secrets surface and deeper awareness to the unseen develops. Illusions fade away and a vision of our true reality starts to sink in. CAPRICORN is the natural 10th house of the zodiac. Its ruled by Saturn. This is the house of social status, career, fame, government, authority figures such as presidents and/or bosses, including father. DHANISHTA (Symbol: drum and flute), Ruled by Mars. We are learning to move to the beat of our drum. Our drum is in connection with Divine Creator, the Universe. Its important to know that whatever is taking place at this time in your life, you’re at the right place and at the right time. If you are concerned about opportunities and advancements, you will achieve this with the help of following your intuition aka “drum beat.” So keep marching on. Without going into too much detail about the Full Moon specifically in the 1st pada of Dhanishta in Capricorn, I simply want to say that this is a challenging Full Moon. This pada is difficult for all planets in this placement. This pada is also ruled by Mars and today Mars entered Taurus and is in the most malefic constellation of Algol. Therefore, Expect sudden changes, conflicts and events to take place. This also messes with our ego and our responsibilities. No matter how humble you think you are, you will experience an issue with your ego and if your ego is already big, you will be very challenged here to become more humble. This Full Moon placement will also give difficulties for those of you that are in relationships or married. You will come to the realizations that your expectations are too high! You may have too many demands for your partner to fulfill. The realization is that you must humble yourself. Expect nothing from your partner/spouse and get more in return. With that said, Saturn is retrograde, and holding the highest degree (27*) in Capricorn and is within a 3 degree orb from the Full Moon. This means that there is a lot of pressure on us right now to get something done in time! A lot of pressure right now for you to see truths in a situation and be humbled by these truths. For those of you in denial, this may feel sad and heartbreaking things to accept. The key here is be humble. Expect nothing and Divine Creator gives your wealth beyond your expectations. Saturn demands responsibility and discipline on your part to do this work. There is some mess that you will have to sort out and make good. Pluto is also conjunct with the Full Moon, but within a very wide degree orb. This wont feel as intense, but transformation and change is necessary right now. This is a time of maturity and growth for us all. Do the work and you will be rewarded as Saturn sees fit. -Sun 25* is conjunct Venus 6* Women, love, relationships, money, and partnerships will be going through irritating matters. -Full Moon 25* squares Rahu & Ketu 23* (within a 2*orb) and orb) You may feel like you are lacking support and cooperation from your loved ones. Truth is, we are all feeling sensitive about personal matters and the lack of support and cooperation maybe a figment of your imagination. Communicate your feelings, let go of the past and find a way to move forward. Acting like a “Debbie Downer” will prevent you from making progress. Remember there are no victims here. Pull-up your big boy/girl pants and rise above this. -Mars 0* sextile Neptune 0* You are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your goals. Mind you, you will reach them. However, remember that Neptune is the planet of illusions. Which means that the actions you are taking to reach these goals may be flawed. Definitely not the time to point fingers at anyone but you. Do your best to remain grounded. -Mars 0* trines Pluto 2* (within a 2 degree orb) Be brave, have courage and aim forward. Turn the chaos, pain, trauma and drama into energy that will fuel and motivate you to succeed and reach your goals with class and confidence. *Remember to follow my Full Moon Rituals >Book Your Reading! >>Subscribe To My Newsletters.

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