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Eclipse & Planetary Aspects in the Natal Chart

Eclipses are a powerful phenomenon. They are major events that bring about fated change. They accelerate time, bring shocking revelations, grasp conclusions, sudden endings, new beginnings, cosmic interventions and more importantly they help us to align with our path and destinations. Eclipses help things to unfold more quickly. Eclipses can take up to 6 months to manifest its energies completely. The strength and power of the Eclipse in your natal chart really depends on what planets if any are being aspected. I've experienced Eclipses that triggered specific events in my life, such as a breakup, new relationship, new career and learning astrology. However, other Eclipses brought about subtle long term changes, but changes nonetheless. Whether you understand astrology or not, it’s very important to pay attention to what comes up during Eclipses as this us hints as to the changes that lay ahead. This is a period of growth that helps you to come out more aware, stronger and smarter. Do not fear Eclipses. However, do tread with caution.

Not every Eclipse aspects your Ascendant and/or Natal planets, but when they do, PAY ATTENTION! Through my experience when the Eclipse aspects your Ascendant or Natal planets within a 3 degree orb, this is a clear indication that you are in for some changes. Keep in mind that when an eclipse conjuncts Rahu (North Node) we are moving into a new direction and when an eclipse conjuncts Ketu (South Node) its a time of letting go, leaving something behind or an end to a pattern.

The planetary aspects Im about to discuss can relate to planets within a 3 degree orb being aspected by an Eclipse whether the aspect is conjunction, trine, sextile, semisextile, square, opposition, or quincunx (6/8 relationship).

Now before I get into a list of the meanings of the Ascendant and Planets being aspected. It's important to understand what a kind of spacial relationship is taking place between the Eclipse and the Ascendant and/or Planet via house/sign.

CONJUNCTION: This is a 1/1 relationship. Its when two planets are in the same sign/house. Its the most intense aspect/relationship. This area of your life will be most affected. It involves all matters of that house and sign. Example: The planets are in your 1st house. Therefore some events will take place that will change your mindset, attitude, look, body and perception of yourself.

OPPOSITION: This is a 7/7 relationship. Its when two planets are in opposite houses. The 7th house is naturally the house of relationships with others, so we can understand that this aspect has to do with relationship to someone else (personal or professional). This suggests conflicting energies that require balance, cooperation and coordination with one another.

SEMISEXTILE: This is a 2/12 relationship. The 2nd house is a receiving house and the 12th is a house of loss. This is when two planets are two/ twelve houses away from one another. This involves giving and receiving, sacrifice and gain, loss and acquisition. This a minor aspect, yet it has influence and impact. These energies have difficulty working together. You may feel frustrated in this area of your life. It requires you to let go or make some sacrifice in order to let go. However, a reward or opportunity comes in doing so.

SEXTILE: This is a 3/11 relationship. The 3rd and 11th houses of the zodiac are upachaya houses having to do with seeking improvements. This is when two planets are three/eleven houses away from each other. This brings potential opportunities, support, skills, talents, harmony, helping energies, and better coordinations/cooperations, But only if you exercise your personal energies into making the effort required. Get up and get to work!

SQUARE: This is a 4/10 relationship. This is when two planets are four/ten houses away from one another. This is an angular (angle) house relationship. There can be trouble or turbulence between the two planets involved which triggers an action response on your end. Although this is challenging, there is opportunity for success. So do something that moves situations or people in the right direction. Without you taking action, nothing moves and nothing changes. Its a positive time for learning lessons and gaining much needed experience.

TRINE: This is a 5/9 relationship. The 5th and 9th houses are dharma houses which give purpose and meaning to life. This is when two planets are five/nine houses from one another. This brings more harmony, creative energies, opportunities fun, travel, good experiences and more good luck in the areas of one's life. Fortunate events and higher learning takes place

QUINCUNX: This is a 6/8 relationship. The 6th and 8th houses are both dusthana houses which deal with suffering and/or ill health. This is when two planets are six/eight houses from one another. This is a difficult relationship. This involves accidents/conflicts and transformation through suffering (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually). These life events may not be easy, but it does create radical change and shifts.


*I would like to point out that the following information can be used in both Vedic Sidereal Astrology and Western Tropical Astrology. You simply need to learn what degree the Eclipse (Solar or Lunar) is taking place at and what planets, if any is the Eclipse aspecting in your natal chart via degree within a 3* orb. EXAMPLE: Eclipse is at 5 degrees in Aries and you have planets in your natal chart between 8 and 2 degrees. Then the Eclipse will aspect those particular planets in your chart. These aspects can be via conjunction, opposition, trine, sextile, etc, with the Eclipse. With that said, you can apply the information below to gain a better understanding and substance to the relationship between the Eclipse and natal planets in your chart.

ASCENDANT: Internal or External changes occur. This can be willingly or unwillingly, meaning that outside forces influence or act as a catalyst for you to change. This can mean the change of your appearance, your name, your perception, your home, the way you respond to the world around you, etc.

Pros: Its your opportunity to evolve and grow.

Cons: Change could be uncomfortable. This is the process of life.

ADVICE: Just go with the flow. Your journey is about being the best version of yourself and honoring who you truly are.


SUN: Vitality, Ego, Self Esteem, Life Force, Heart and Soul, Spine, Physical Health, Intellectual Mind, Father, Boss, Authority, Career, Politics, Political Status, Leaders, Leadership, Royal Families

Pros: Significant milestones. Important decisions. Big revelations. Enlightenment. Center of Attention. Time to shine and leap forward. Reclaiming your position. Positive empowerment. Position of strength and power. New ideas, talents, activities, sports, passions, creativity and forms of expression.

Cons: Major identity crisis. Abdication of yourself or your superiors (authority, boss or parents). Either way, it’s a “Make it or Break it” moment as you are being called to live a more authentic life. Matters with men, father or husband present themselves. Challenges with self-esteem, rejection or feelings inferiority.

ADVICE: Watch over your health (blood circulation, chest, heart and spine). Be proactive and get checked out. You may get called out on your politics and/or your leadership. Maintain a connection with your inner spirit/soul through prayer, meditation and mantras.


MOON: Emotional Mind, Feelings, Home, Real Estate, Mother, Assets, Family, Food, Cooking, Comforts, Safety and Protection

Pros: New home. Going away to college. Construction or renovation of home. Cosmetic work or design work being done to your home. Creating a more comfortable living situation for better safety and security. New Vehicle. Buying land. Start a home business. Possible career changes. New and positive direction in relationship with mother.

Cons: There could be an event that triggers issues related to the mother, motherhood, mothering others, home or past. Domineering mother. Your living situation changes. Possibility of loss of mother, home, property, etc. Either way, there are breakthroughs that take place whether you like them or not in order to restore equilibrium in your life and to help you heal emotionally and physically. Issues related to stomach, digestion, genes, breast or chest.

ADVICE: You may feel alone, exposed, or vulnerable. Emotions and emotional issues can get the best of you. You may learn secrets or truths that can be disturbing but the purpose of this is about re-creating your life. Know that nothing will be the same, and change is not a bad thing. Possibility of dealing with matters related to children or pregnancy as Moon rules parenting. Prayers, mantras and meditation will help you through.


MERCURY: Professional position, Communication, Emails, Phones, Speaking, Writing, Documents, Teaching, Logical Mind, Social Media, Technology, Devices, Short Travels, Siblings, Cousins, Neighbors, Aunts, Uncles, Nervous System

Pros: Boost in social media image. There could be a change in your professional role, career, business or job. Perhaps a change that defines your expertise or a change in your name. Pay attention to messages, numbers, letters and names you receive through dreams, thoughts, signs, symbols, omens etc as these will provide you insight into your current situation. You may be interested in re-writing the story of your life figuratively or may be inspired to actually write a book or become a motivational speaker about some area of life or topic. Important contracts or other documents. New Ideas. Changes in the way of thinking.

Cons: Misunderstandings and miscommunication can be a theme now. Pay attention to your image, especially how you are being portray on social media. Multiple situations playing out at once can create confusion or effect your mental health. Take a break or time to re-collect your thoughts and process things slowly. Difficult negotiations. Change of plans. Dangerous travels. Arguments with siblings, neighbors, cousins, or other relatives. Fierce competition at work. Unfavorable transactions or deals. Private information (accounts, banking, documents) may go into the wrong hands.

ADVICE: Avoid making any important decision as you will lack the clarity and cognitive thinking you need to support a successful decision. Take your time. Any mental crisis right now will open doors to a deeper awareness of who you are and how you wish to proceed moving forward. Be sure to take extra care of the lungs, throat, arms, brain and nerves.


VENUS: Finances, Financial Security, Pleasures, All Five Senses, Art, Beauty, Creative endeavors, Relationships, Marriage, Business, Wife, Women, Desires, Sexual Passions, Contractual agreements

Pros: Fated opportunity to develop a new relationship, new business partnership, new friendships and/or make improvements with respect to your well-being. For men this can suggest meeting a significant women, a romantic partner or proposal. For women this can suggest proposal, marriage or important life changing relationship. Generally there are changes in relationship. Time of luck for meeting the right people or getting money. Changes in the way you look. Greater awareness in your beauty. For some this could indicate cosmetic work or plastic surgery. Development of new pleasures. Discovery of new methods or avenues for earning money in order to provide yourself better financial stability and security. Acquisition of art, clothing, jewelry, etc. Good publicity.

Cons: Issues related to finances and financial status. Relationship challenges. Unfavorable creative works or endeavors. Self-esteem issues come out to the fore-front. Cosmetic work gone wrong. Elicit and risky affairs. Financial loss. Forced marriage. Divorce. Scandals. Loss of reputation. Decline in clientele. Overindulgence in food, drink, sex. Excessive and unnecessary spending.

ADVICE: Whatever drama, if any arises, use this time as an opportunity to release any blocks and apprehensions you may have related to love, relationships, intimacy, money, or creative endeavors. Remember that nothing remains the same. Breakthroughs and changes are inevitable. Avoid getting any cosmetic work or surgery done to your physical appearance and remember that beauty is skin deep. Take extra care of all five senses, teeth, mouth, thyroid, eyes, kidneys and pancreas.


MARS: Power, Life Force, Conflict, Anger, War, Warrior, Action-Orientation, Problem Solver, Sports, Athletic, Energy, Physical Stamina, Blood, Men, Siblings (younger or male)

Pros: Boost of vitality, courage and for lack of a better word “ballsy.” You may be pressed to attend to some unfinished or unresolved business. Rising to the occasion as a hero. Feeling the push to take action in order to change things for the better. Having the courage to defend your territory, yourself and/or others.

Cons: Confrontations. Dangers. Life or death situations. Accidents. Fights (physical and verbal). Injury. Muscle pain. Blood loss. Surgery. Loss of Temper. Temptation to commit crimes. Problems with a siblings or males. Court cases surface. Issues related to land or property.

ADVICE: Be careful what you say as things can escalate very quickly. Keep in mind that you can't take your words back once the dust settles. You may feel unhappy about some situation and want to do something about it, but now may not actually be the right time. Let the eclipse ride out first and in the meantime make plans which you can visit and begin executing in a few days following the eclipse. Beware of dangerous activities that can cause physical injuries such as fractures, blood loss, etc. Avoid scheduling surgeries.


JUPITER: Expansion, Growth, Developments, Opportunity, Adventure, Children, Wealth, Money, Knowledge, Husband, Teacher, Guru, Freedom, Travels, Luck

Pros: Opportunities present themselves such as in career, projects, and other endeavors. Expansion in work, wealth, or responsibilities. New adventure or risky venture. Change in gears with respect to your belief system, religion, philosophies, politics, etc. On a personal or professional front you can meet people from other cultures that have a significant impact on your worldwide view or impact on your life, business or career. Realizing your purpose in this world. Making bigger and better plans that lead to success. Expansion in wealth, territory and influence. Solvency. Receiving honors, awards, recognition, diploma, etc. Travels. Meeting a guru or advisor. Good luck.

Cons: Health of spouse or children can be impacted. Financial and/or business losses. Debt or money problems. Poor risks. Risky ventures. Dishonest business relationships. Trouble with law. Legal matters. Court cases or trials. Bad advice. Bad advisors or associates.

ADVICE: Stay grounded. Watch not to jump into anything blindly or be overly optimistic. Anything you do now, may not turn out the way you expected during an eclipse, but this doesn’t mean that things wont work out in the end. Do check in on your husband or children because they may need your assistance or support over some matter. Take care of your overall personal health. Take care of liver, hip, thighs, muscles, sciatic nerve, feet, lymphatic system or adipose tissue.


SATURN: Career, Society, Reality, Discipline, Organization, Structures, Old, Elderly, Death, Boundaries, Restrictions, Limitations, Blockages, Grandparents, Uncles, Wisdom, Old Age, Cattle, Pets

Pros: Major turning point or milestone in your life. Could be a time when you are reaping the rewards in your professional life via some sort of recognition, a promotion or a raise. This could also be a change of job or career. Becoming an authority for someone. You could be facing some obstacle that will reinforce your ability to look at the big picture and make adjustments by setting new boundaries or letting go of people, places, things or situations that no longer serve you. Either way, it’s a huge reality check about the world around and yourself. You may realize that it’s time to step up your game and be more serious about your responsibilities. It’s a tough lesson, but remember slow and steady wins the race when Saturn is involved. Fulfilling your karmic obligations.

Cons: Major delay or ending. You may be experiencing a professional downfall. Trouble with the law. Imprisonment or captivity (temporary or long term). Penalties, suffering, loss or hardship for consequences of past actions. Loss of power and good standing. Death of a relationship (personal or professional). Someone else has authority over you.

ADVICE: Be sure you behave through action and words in the most highest of moral and ethical inclinations. Facts over feelings take precedent. Understand that you cannot control others, but you can control what you do and how you do it. Lookout and be prepared for issues that may arise related to your subordinates and/or colleagues. Take care of bones and skin. Supplement with minerals.


NEPTUNE: Dreams, Illusions, Intuition, Spirituality, Deception, Fraud, Lies, Magic, Spells, Ghosts, Spirits, Mysticism, Beauty, Art, Film, Photography.

Pros: Artistic and/or creative inspirations and ideas develop. Romantic encounters or falling in love. Success and good fortune. Spiritual experiences, profound dreams and/or intuitive insight. Rose-colored glasses fall off exposing people and situations for what they really are.

Cons: Being cheated, conned or deceived. Mistaking illusions for reality. Infatuation with others. Betrayal. Food poisoning. Illness. Trouble with addictions. Accidentally mixing up medications or overdosing. Loss of perception. Not seeing situations and people clearly. Psychological matters develop.

ADVICE: Beware of being cheated or deceived. Eat simple clean foods. Keep away from or beware of food and/or drinks that alter your senses and perception. (Ie. drugs, alcohol, medications, etc.) Avoid making any decisions with respect to love and relationships right now as you may lack the necessary clarity.


URANUS: Electricity, Lightening, Unpredictable, Groundbreaking Situations, Earthquakes, Surprises, Great Awakenings, Unusual interests, Divine Intervention, Twists and Turns, Excitement, Stroke of Luck or Genius, Unusual, Eccentric, Eclectic, Radical, Rebellions, Nervousness, Science.

Pros: Looking to break out of or into an unorthodox group, relationship, job, career, project or situation. Need for freedom and independence. Out of the old and into the new. Divine intervention. Someone coming to the rescue. Sudden breakups from unhealthy relationships (personal and/or business). Sudden insights and inspirations. Genius ideas for work or projects.

Cons: Feeling restless. Unforeseen and uncontrollable sudden circumstances. Sudden infatuation. Situations change and are irreversible. Creating drama that backfires. Freak accidents. Technology breakdown.

ADVICE: Beware of taking uncalculated risks, rebelling, or engaging in speculative relationships. Impulsive decisions may bite back. Watch your nervous system. Do your best to avoid accidents. Avoid dangerous sports. No sky diving today. Beware of dabbling with electicity. Take care of your nervous system and brain. Avoid stress and tensions.


PLUTO: Dark, Destructive, Death and Rebirth, Deep Transformation, Psychological, Power, Manipulation, Betrayal, Explosive, Obsessive, Controlling forces, Magnetism and Charisma, Slave or Master, Criminals, Underground

Pros: Learning about power and control, learning how to access it and how to use it. Mastering your power. Overcoming abuse of power. Breaking ties with co-dependent and/or abusive relationships. Deep psychological insights about yourself, your life and others. Acquiring money. Cutting any criminal ties. Facing deep-seated fears, demons and conquering them.

Cons: Committing crimes. Getting involved in toxic and/or binding relationships at a cost. Challenging emotional or mental trauma. Obsessions. Compulsions. Addictions. Destruction. Struggling with buried emotions.

ADVICE: You will face personal challenges on a darker psychological level. Our most unpleasant past behaviors, traumas, obsessions, compulsions, addictions, and/or other mental illness can return to haunt us, but this for the purpose of healing and recovery. In doing so you are becoming the master of your own life. Beware of getting involved in relationships or situations that can be difficult to separate from such gangs, criminal organizations, illegal or unlawful actions, co-dependent or toxic relationships because you may be sacrificing your freedom, relationships, money and/or more.


RAHU (North Node): Foreign, New, Obsessions, Drugs, Addictions, Desires, Materialistic Pursuits, Attachments and Gains, Moving forward into uncharted territory

KETU (South Node): Endings, Detachments, Spirituality, Worldly pursuits, outcaste in society, Letting go, Loss, Death

Pros and Cons for the Rahu and Ketu (the Nodes): Eclipsed Nodes are trigger points. The Nodes should not be viewed so much from the perspective of pros and cons. Rather they should be conceptualized as fate/karma moving powerful chess pieces helping you to not only take things a step further in your personal journey, but to kick things up a notch.

Advice for Rahu/Ketu: These are karmic shadow planets. An aspect on the nodes can result in manifestation of your past deeds (both positive or negative, good or bad) which can be seen in your relationship with others (spouse, romantic partner, business partner, family member, friend, etc.) as the nodes are on a 1/7 axis. This may cause stress and/or uneasiness. In some cases this aspect can result in a loss, a setback, accident or a chaotic situation to help you re-situate your life and self. In other cases, this can thrust you forward in career, relationship or in other areas of your life. Mantra, prayers, meditation helps to subdue the most negative effects and bring a more peaceful transition. Its best to leg go of controlling the situation, but rather submit to a higher power and trust the journey/experience.


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*Lissabeta Kalag is a Vedic Astrologer using the Sidereal system.


Love & Blessings,


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