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2023 New/Full Moon Schedule

2023 New and Full Moon Schedule as according to Eastern Standard Time via Vedic (Sidereal) Astrology. Follow my New and Full Moon Rituals (shown below). These rituals are not to be practiced during a Solar and Lunar Eclipse (dates listed below). Remedies to follow in another post for Eclipses.


6 Full 22 degrees Gemini in Punavarsu 6:09PM

21 New 7 degrees Capricorn in UttaraAshadha 3:55PM


5 Full 22 degrees Cancer in Ashlesha 1:30PM

20 New 6 degrees Aquarius Satabishak 2:09AM


7 Full 22 degrees Leo in PurvaPhalguni 7:42AM

21 New 6 degrees Pisces in UttaraBhadrapada 1:26PM


6 Full 22 degrees Virgo in Hasta 12:37AM

20 New 5 degrees Aries in Ashwini 12:15AM (Solar Eclipse)


5 Full 20 degrees Libra in Vishakha 1:36PM (Lunar Eclipse)

19 New 4 degrees Taurus in Krittika 11:55AM


3 Full 19 degrees Scorpio in Jyestha 11:43PM

18 New 2 degrees Gemini in Mrigashira 12:39AM


3 Full 17 degrees Sagittarius in Purva Ashadha 7:40AM

17 New degrees Cancer in Punavarsu 2:33PM


1 Full 15 degrees Capricorn in Shravana 2:33 PM

16 New 29 degrees Cancer in Ashlesha 5:38AM

30 Full 13 degrees Aquarius in Satabhishak 9:37PM


14 New 27 degrees Leo in Uttara Phalguni 9:40PM

29 Full 11 degrees Pisces in Uttara Bhadrapada 5:58AM


14 New 27 degrees Virgo in Chitra 1:55PM (Solar Eclipse)

28 Full 11 degrees Aries in Ashwini 4:24PM (Lunar Eclipse)


13 New 26 degrees Libra in Vishakha 4:27AM

27 Full 10 degrees Taurus in Rohini 4:16AM


12 New 26 degrees in Scorpio in Jyestha 6:32PM

26 Full 10 degrees in Gemini in Ardra 7:33PM

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