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August 2022 Horoscope

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Here are the astrological transits for August 2022. Remember that any natal planet within a 2-3 degree orb of a transit, will be effected and as a result will trigger events in the house it sits in according to your natal chart.

Aug 01 – Mars conjunct Uranus 24*

Aug 02 – Venus sextile Uranus 24* Aug 02 – Venus sextile Mars 25* Aug 07 – Venus enters Cancer Aug 07 – Venus trine Neptune 0* Aug 07 – Mars square Saturn 28* (You may feel like someone is pressing the breaks on you. Difficulty in moving forward or reaching goals. There is an air of mistrust, tension and anger. Expect significant changes and challenges. Like all square, although they may be challenging, there is always an opportunity available to you. Aug 09 – Venus opposite Pluto 2*

Aug 10 – Mars enters Taurus Aug 11 – Sun square Uranus 24* Aug 11 – Mars sextile Neptune 0* Aug 11 – Full Moon 25* August 2022 in Capricorn in Dhanistha (09:35 pm EST) Aug 14 – Sun opposite Saturn 27* Aug 14 – Mars trine Pluto 2* (Take caution as Mars is in Algol, the most malefic constellation in the sky. You may feel very driven to reach your goals at any cost. However, make sure your intentions are pure. Although this is a trine, it does not necessarily mean that its all positive, it simply suggests that there are no blocks in fulfilling your intent. Stay positive minded.)

Aug 16 – Sun enters Leo Aug 16 – Mercury trine Uranus 24* Aug 18 – Venus trine Jupiter 14* (Great time for opportunities regarding love, relationships, money, business, creative endeavors, etc.)

Aug 20 – Mercury enters Virgo Aug 21 – Mercury opposite Neptune 0* Aug 22 – Mercury trine Pluto 2* Aug 24 – Uranus Retrograde at 24*

Aug 27 – Venus square Uranus 24* Aug 27 – Sun square Mars 10* Aug 27 – New Moon 10* in Leo in Magha nakshatra

Aug 28 – Venus opposite Saturn 26*

Aug 31 – Venus enters Leo

*Take caution

*Schedule important meetings, events, appointments, etc.

*According to Vedic Sidereal Astrology.

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